GLADIATOR SUPPLEMENTS (by me)https://BecomeGladiator.comOLD-SCHOOL GYM CLOTHING & APPAREL (Questions from Instagram)00: 48 – Always train to failure, yes or no?03: 28 – How can I bring up my back? No matter what I do, I can’t progress in any of my exercises05: 48 – Can I build muscle while burning fat?08: 53 – If cardio is after your workout, when is the best time for your post-workout shake?10: 09 – Do you do any injury prevention?13: 06 – Goal placing for the 2020 Mr. Olympia14: 38 – Cardio on a lean bulk to be able to eat more food versus no cardio and less food. What is your opinion?17: 34 – I’m 23, natty, I eat in a caloric surplus. Can I train body parts twice a week?19: 13 – How to recover from tendon pain. Should you rest or keep lifting?21: 15 – Have you ever done 30 minutes cardio with an empty stomach in the morning?22: 36 – Is the curly hair natural?22: 45 – What muscles to focus on for a classic physique?23: 55 – More information about your personal workout plan and how often you train and what sort of split / Do you train people? Programming and nutrition26: 47 – Does eating lots of vegetables, 1 to 2 kgs, have any negative consequences?30: 01 – How you think about cheat meals?31: 58 – Does caffeine have a negative influence on muscle growth?33: 06 – How often do you feel pain in your shoulders? Do you do the shoulder fix every day?36: 05 – How do you feel about the game changers film? Do you believe a vegan diet is the best?40: 20 – Have you hit the weight cap?41: 19 – Are you going to see you train with a classic physique athlete? Do you have any tours planned around Europe?42: 21 – Personal question: how was school when you grew up? Love your content Wes!44: 36 – Hey Wes, how do you keep your skin so clear even with vitamin S and all that food?47: 06 – I’d like to know your opinion about cooking oil. What do you prefer and why?48: 33 – Diet and water control in peak week50: 32 – Do you take any other supplements then your protein?53: 57 – Will you be at the fibo Germany in 2020?Classic & Personalized Workout and Nutrition Plans? Contact me: for plant-based diets!)Instagram@WesleyVissers


  1. Hi my name is andres and I would like to ask you. I stared to workout afew months ago can you recomend me some supplements I will really appreciate it. I'm working with your videos thanks alot.


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