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  1. Be grateful and thankful for having the daily opportunity to go to the gym and eat the same healthy food consistently. Day in day out, week in week out, month in month out, year in year out. Whenever you feel like not getting up, like skipping leg day or even the gym, like eating junk food, like drinking a pop or alcohol… Think of the time when gyms were closed, people died in scores without their loved ones, we were recluded at home in lock down and the world, humanity, was on the verge of collapse. Think again now, that the world has recover and started again. We have to make a better world. That starts with you not making excuses and doing what is right, what you need to do, to fulfilling your dreams, to be happy, to live life. Just do it!!

  2. One of the worst videos produced by this channel.
    It is supposed to be a 'motivation'. To encourage people to eat more. But here, the guy is so damn cranky, so pissed, so angry with the world.
    He made it sound like a complete suffering.
    You dont have to be on edge and in angst just to eat.
    You dont have to give your life away just because u want to eat.
    I could go on and on. But the only reason why i took time off to write so much is because i like your channel and i would hate it to flop with these moronic content videos.
    ** tell this short dude to smile more. Else he just looks like a psycho retard**

  3. I really wish that being a natural pro is actually attainable. I want to be a pro, i do my best to do whatever it takes. But in my country anabolics are prohibited and if i start it will be very expensive, i can barely afford my own food.

  4. You are so correct, i like pizza and fast food, but after i eat rubbish like that….i feel like rubbish… thank you. Lots of clean food! Bodybuilding is arguably the only thing in this life, that rewards you for consistency, discipline and effort. No luck or randomness would affect the results.

  5. It really is hardest sport, broo. It consumes every aspect of ur life. It is not just a job, a hobby, or a life style.. Because ur entire life will be base on it. Every body wants to be a bodybuilder, but not everybody is destined to be one.

  6. so cranky and irritated every time he`s eating a meal, clearly he doesn`t enjoy what he`s doing, and why bodybuilders have to act so tough though? must be the roids I guess

  7. So don't have friends. Don't enjoy yourself. And live just for yourself like a selfish asshole. No wonder he's so angry and bitter. 'Fuckin' this,' fuckin' that.'
    When my friends invite me to drink I just say no thanks, don't start narcissistic rants about how dedication.


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