This video features how I eat to perform my best during periods of high intensity training. Full day of eating with flexible dieting and the macros while at training camp for Pan Am Trials. Training at Catalyst Athletics in Oregon with teammate Sarabeth Jumper. I am competing in the Trials in Chicago on Feb 16th at the Lombard Westin!


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  1. Kris,, I think a kool picture would be yourself sitting in a 1971-73 Mustang Sprint with its awesome white red blue colours,,,I only had one American car a 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge and that was those colours,,,,enjoying your great vid,,,,

  2. 8:13 I wonder what's the taste of it.
    You said many times you don't like vegetables, or at least their taste.
    How do you really handle that? Only with supplements? I don't think so, since you're a professional athlete.

  3. I noticed after a few sets of snatches my shoulders start fatiguing are there exercises/movements/strength work i can do to increase how many lifts i can do before getting fatigued?

  4. Love your videos every time! Thanks for sharing some of your pal’s workout too — I appreciate seeing strong female figures lift together; thank you for helping inspire others so naturally.

  5. Amazing job on the PR!! – can see how much it meant to you, brought a smile to my face. You make the technique look really easy – whereas I cant even get close to snatching/cleaning weight that I can front squat for reps haha. On the accessory work 19:15, are you doing different rep ranges for left/right side to correct imbalances? as the difference between shoulders is notable. just curious – not trying to criticise

    Also – After seeing what you eat I would love to see the faces on the women who think starving themselves is how you look good. Great Video!

  6. Greetings from Canada. Good luck with the trials.
    Heavy duty workout for sure.
    Nice breakfast. Turkeys my favorite meat but maybe a beet now and then for disease protection and super nutritous.
    Wonder if you'll be rockin the Arnold.


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