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  1. Бля они жрут и качают мышцы . Качают мышцы и жрут. Они работают или спят или они только жрут и херачат в спорт зале.

  2. Crazy how studies/results show not much of a difference between 3&6 meal consumption. There was a study at Oslo University, that showed the 3-meal group gained significantly more weight, lean body mass and strength than the 6-meal groups, while fat gain was similar between groups. Maybe when you’re on roids, the need for 6+ meals is in order, probably because you can utilize that abundance of nutrients.

  3. yea this video is motivating … but is it really? talking how u must eat and eat but noone mentiones the roids, being natty and eating is gonna get u big,but not like that

  4. Its NOT Rocket Science: Eat Carbs to fuel your Workout at the very least 300 to 400 g and eat at least 80 g of Protein per day to repair your muscles. Dont think about getting a Six Pack getting Bigger should be your first priority as a Bodybuilder you can diet down 4 months before the Summer.

  5. "yea bro, keep eating all the food you can" -says the guy who looks like a fat turd with a spray tan, zero vascularity whatsoever and is too afraid to take off his shirt for the video. Fat fuck you look like garbage

  6. Babies don't eat every two hours they drink their moms milk,BS advice…unless you want to spend your life cooking or in the bathroom cause all of this food has to be evacuated somehow lol…

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