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  1. Great video like always.  I live in Rochester, NY and Wegmans Supermarket sells fresh packaged thick chicken breasts marinated in Teriyaki sauce. It's a little expensive, so I'm happy I came across this recipe !

  2. Could you make a video about cardio? Is it important for building muscles and how can/should I combine it with strength training? How often do you do cardio exercises? 

    I really like you videos! Greetings from Switzerland

  3. I like how adlib you are.  I would use brown rice, but I a diabetic therefore must do that with my carbs.  Always enjoy your videos.  Been busy and missed a few maybe I will get time to check out what I missed.

  4. Hey, is that a smoke detector that has been disabled in the background of this video?  Hey if it is you should really do something about that.  I have worked in a burn ward and you just don't even want to go there.  Sorry to so parenting.  If the old one went off due to it being in the kitchen there are new ones just for that type of area that won't give you so many false alarms.  I have five alarms in my apartment because of my fears.  Last year a apartment neighbored set the whole place on fire because of his stupid cigarettes he was smoking on the balcony it was scary!  If I am wrong then just ignore my parenting.  Just don't want anything like that to happen to anyone!

  5. Good recipe. My only complaint is the rice. Long grain brown is better. Complex instead of simple carb. Cook a pot and freeze in zip bag. I do all the time. Quinoa could be used in place of rice. Super good complete protein.

  6. oh wow, this is the first time i hear of this guy. never thought id come across a bodybuilder who shows us laymens how to cook. theres almost everything on youtube now. thanks mike. sub

  7. Thank you Michael I made this yesterday an it was great tasting. For a larger guy trying to eat right thank you for your videos going to get your cookbook soon. Thanks again for the videos

  8. Man that looked so good if it wasn't for the fact that my bf an i are having a baby I'd be lifting but I can say my baby wants some of that haha looks like I better get cooking


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