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I am going to compete in a bodybuilding show in Sept. of 2011. It will be my first competition in 4 years.

If you want to lose fat and gain muscle with me, simply keep following me. I will share with you the tricks and techniques that drug free bodybuilders use to burn belly fat off fast.

I had fun posing with my life long friend Mike “Super Human” Nueman. Posing is very hard and good exercise. Try it sometime.

Your Coach,



  1. They don't likely juice. Bottom line is Sad haters and "know nothings" that train, but can't get the gains they want always think guys that look great and are bigger than themselves MUST be on roids. Same for guys that started juicing a very short while after discovering the gym.

    Some of us have that naturally gift called GOOD GENES.
    Genes + academic nutrition and kinetic knowledge = THE RESULTS ABOVE

    Haters… YOUR inability to get "big" without juicing does not mean no one else can!!!

  2. Who cares if they are on juice or not the one on the right looks like shit! The guy on the left is ok tho.The guy on the right must of had a stroke or something as the muscles on one side of his body dont react when he flexes.

  3. @KnightMichael777 If your a doctor I hope I never ever have to see you for a diagnosis! You cant have striations and mass without gear? Are you retarded? People diet down to look lean, and cut salt, increase potassium to strip water from their body! If you're a doctor your knowledge of the human body is very worrying!

  4. awsome ! most of you fags on roids couldn.t look like these two guys even if you injected 5 gallons of test every hour on the hour!! and notice no bloated growth gut like most of the " enhanced" bodybuilers now days !! roids will never overcome shit genetics like 99% of roid users!! blood guts and hard work way to go guys!

  5. "…these are the REAL(emphasis mine) body builders…" Oh, so I guess the big guys on roids don't spend as much time on their physiques as these blokes? They just sit around and watch there muscles develop?? Silly comment mate, I get what you mean, but you can't negate what roid users achieve just because they use roids. They work as hard as these guys, they just have a different philosophy regarding certain drugs. Live and let live; however, the natural way is the healthiest way .

  6. I don't believe in role models mate, that's such an American thing. Remember when Phelps was berated for having smoked dope, and ppl (mostly Americans) gave him all kinds of shit for being a bad "role model" for their children. Parents out there, YOU are your child's role models! Actors, athletes, politicians and others in the public arena R not responsible for your child's fuck ups! They are, or maybe even you are! I have people that I admire, but I wouldn't necessarily want to emulate them.

  7. Thats not an american thing. Its a natural human thing. Im the only one in my family who spends any time taking care of themselves. Its not a bad thing to respect and want to emulate good behavior you can learn from other people.

  8. Yeah, I'm with you to a point. I guess what I'm trying to say is you know, how certain people are deified by their "followers" like the Elvis people and the Bruce Lee fanatics…they take it that one step to far, that's what I mean by the American "thing." American culture is a pop (idol) culture ( and I love it!) but it gets a little crazy sometimes ;-/ Your second post has helped me understand where you're coming from mate. Cheers, sorry if I offended.

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  11. It seems like on every bodybuilding video there is some spam bullshit comment with likes, train hard and eat right, its no secret. And the natural ones deserve the most respect, props

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  13. Darin is natural. His physique comes from over 20 years of competitive bodybuilding and before that he was a competitive powerlifter and competed in sports from an early age. Since he has only one kidney, he can't afford to take the chance with bodybuilding drugs.

  14. Protein is used for repairing/sustaining lean mass, excess, is changed to glucose and glycogen to be stored in the muscles and liver, when glycogen stores are full, it is converted to fat for storage. Healthy kidneys have no trouble with high protein diets. Darin is ~50 and he's been doing this a long time. The current research does not support the claim that protein intake damages kidneys.

    Read this article at MarksDailyApple (dot) com (forward slash) protein-kidneys

  15. Yep. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your age to kill your belly.

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