Joe Rogan and Dorian Yates look at pictures of Dorian during his bodybuilding days.

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #989.


  1. It must be so weird going to a physique you can’t keep for life and then going back to normal then having to reminisce about how youre definitely past your ultimate physical peak …

    I guess the same is true about getting old in general XD

  2. It's an amazing accomplishment.. But by no means is this possible without Drugs, and lots of em.. Otherwise Eddie Hall would have arms like these, but he doesn't and he's got the world title for Dead Lifting.. and he trains arms like a Beast

  3. So back then, how did body builders train? They were strong, athletic and looked good. Did they train both strength and hypertrophy and maybe power? When I trained for hypertrophy, I wasn't that strong until I shifted to strength.

  4. In my humble opinion dorians 1993 Mr Olympia perfromance was the best Physique that has ever been presented on any Bodybuilding stage in all history, the guy was absolutely out of this world. For any of you guys who have not seen it check it out, his 1995 form was a very close second.

  5. Sweet hugo boss. The company that made NAZI uniforms. Ford, the company that made trucks and tanks for the NAZIS. Standard oil, the company that sold aviation fuel to the NAZIS. Fanta soda, the company that made cola for the NAZIS. All doing very well today. Lol

  6. Alright you fake fuck the 90's were the best of Mr. O right thats why most of them are dead or sick. You were know for using insulin, HGH, and God knows what other drugs that you shot in your ass to get "pure" right. Joe I have lost respect for you not bringing up drugs and asking him about all his dead competitors. This interview made him to look like he was this clean bodybuilder he was a freak a walking pharmacy. Even tho they did use legal steroids the best years of bodybuilding was during Aronald's time. He did steroids but he did not look like a freak like you did when competing. They show fucking corn hole on ESPN but never mention anything or show anything to do with bodybuilding. You motherfuckers should of skipped Mr. O and traveled with the circus with the rest of the freaks. Joe you say they look sick thats because they were sick. When I was a cop when Mr. fake was competing I use to get work outs from the muscle magazines and now most of them are dead. This interview fosters the idea that bodybuilding is a honest sport. One more thing he talks about how thin his skin was you did not ask him how he got his skin that thin just like his size it was drugs. The reason I am so passionate about this is all those guys that I saw in those magazines are dead. This will never be a sport until drug testing is done by a outside agency once a month for 2 years form Mr. O. All pros can not compete for 5 years lets see the true Mr. O but that won't happen. The fans want to see these freaks and they would not put asses in seats therefore loosing money.

  7. It was pretty weird at first when I decided to back off all the size, I once had in my younger days.. The plan was to baby the wt. Off.. 10 pounds a year.. But accident after accident just started to happen and I started focusing on the problems away from the gym, instead of the gym.. I yr Later over 55 pounds Later, I was normal.. Took Alot of noise at the gym.. Which comes with part of losing the wt.. But I'm glad its over.. Regrets..? Nope.. Because it is something I wanted to do at that time in my life.. Would I do it again..? It would take alot of money to get me even mentally prepared.. So nah.. I had my day in the sun and I survived the journey … Which a few of my partners can not say… Dorian was the new breed after the Lee Haney era… I remember when his new physique was in Muscle and fitness.. I was like no fucking way…It was freakish scary…

  8. Sorry Dorian but the 70’s was the greatest time in bodybuilding that classic build is the best looking and most natural. Ever since then bodybuilders have looked like shit!

  9. Is Dorian Yates considered better at his peak than Arnold Schwarzenegge was? Genuine question, i don't know anything about bodybuilding so apologies if this is a stupid question

  10. Dorian Yates is like Jesus. He rose, he amazed and he left. And there will be no other like him ever. Just look at Arnold. Same thing. Dedication, dedication, dedication.. you need to suffer to get to their level.

  11. I met Yates 30 years ago when he did a seminar at the gym I trained at.He was very honest about his use of steroids ( while the rest were bullshitting ) He was humble and his back was fucking huge.

  12. Sorry but i'm not impressed by a steroid abuser who's only contribution to the world is lifting heavy shit and eating 4-5 times the normal human's calory intake , and now he looks like my uncle , who never went to the gym 🙂 , all of his work went to shit like popping a baloon..good job.


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