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Name: Matt Sheldon
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College: UC Davis

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  1. This the best video you have done. We have a mailing list in the 1000s. I will share your video. hopefully they subscribe to you and buy your book. We will buy it and promote it to all the players we work with. Can you do similar video on ladders /fast feet work/agility work done alongside first time passes/touches. thanks

  2. can you please make a video on whether doing weights decreases the growth of young players? my conservative parents think that doing weights will stop my growth of height, im 15 and a half years old. Thank you!!

  3. A really interesting video matt! Me personally have been thinking about this topic since i started weightlifting every other day since half a year back in time.

    Thank you so much for making this video

  4. Hey Matt, I discovered your channel very recently and have fallen in love with the love and dedication you have for the game. I’m Argentinian/American and can relate to the passion for the game. Would really appreciate if you got a chance out of your very busy schedule to check out my highlight tape in my channel or anyone in the comments and let me know any feedback on my game or highlights. I will be purchasing the footballer physique due to always having struggled with my strength and body weight. Thank you for everything you do man you’re an inspiration to many of us keep doing your thing!!

  5. u should make a vid on how to gain weight for skinny soccer players. it’s rlly hard and i don’t wanna go through a sudden weight gain and become slow

  6. Wow this is some Mind Blowing shit, I alwasy knew it will make a difference but I must say I didnt feel any yet but when you see the studies this gives you motivation to continue the strength trainings. Thx for the video!

  7. the experiment proves that doing extra work makes you quicker, but it could have been any kind of work. what if instead of weightlifting they had done extra sessions of OMG sprinting or running hills OR… OMG agility drills ?

  8. I don't usually comment on youtube videos but i wanted to say that i found your video really professionnal and interesting. Good job ! Watched all the video and left a like !

  9. Great video very informative. I do Maths A level in England which is a qualification before university and we learned that standard deviation was how spread out a group of data is. Is this the same in the this context with the graphs?

  10. Great great video matt! You put all the essential thoughts and break them apart for your viewers, hope to see one of this again for new topics. Kudos! Goodluck for upcoming season!

  11. Yeah, all should reject the study.

    1. There is no control for nutrition. Muscle growth requires nutrition.
    2. There is no control for sleep.
    3. There is no control for drugs, alcohol.

    The right way to do a study is this:

    1. Give the test to a 376 subjects.
    2. Put the subjects through the same muscle-resistance training program for six weeks.
    3. Test the subjects again.
    4. Compare the results.

    In the study as it is presented in the video, there is no way of knowing if the "control group" athletes started inferior muscle development, poor nutrition and sleep.

    So yeah, the study is flawed and should be rejected.

  12. Can the strength training be insufficient though? A big part of football is having good stamina. Larger muscles requires more oxygen. Too much muscle, and I assume you would gas out too quickly. So what would be a good strength/body weight ratio?

  13. this is why many have ligaments/tendons/ muscle strains because they think muscle strengthening will make them fast. but in reality it will make them weaker as far as ligaments. dont over lift trying to get stronger, your ligaments will rip in those quick changing directions.

  14. Thanks Actually I'm a goalkeeper But I was watching you're video I just understood about the footballer tranning.But I just want to say something.Actuallt goalkeeper training is also difficult But I don't give up at my goalkeeper practicing Because goalkeeper is a my dream.But I just want to know about the how that Goalkeeper practicing.I just watch you're video I just already know that you're video.Thank you for giving imformation Thanks.

  15. It does increase speed and Agility as long as you use it as an implement to your actual sport, right ? I mean, i can't see a bodybuilder runing more than me, in fact im sure he will lose a lot of coordination if he doesnt compliment the strengthening programme with an actual sport.

  16. Hey Matt great vids. I discovered your channel just recently. I have a question, in this study they found that powerlifting works. It’s seams that they let the athletes just perform raw strength quality moves. In your speed vid you explain how to develop speed. What if the study just implement a second experimental group who did the power speed training? What are your thoughts on that?

  17. What does it mean in the report where it states "The data from this study show an increase in the efficiency of the COD following a long-term strength training intervention. Rather, only long-term periodized resistance training is recommended."?

  18. Dude, so concise, such good information. I love how you've digested this for us knuckle dragging jocks. The only thing I'd stress is that the Strength Training group continued to train agility, or at least played soccer alongside strength training. As opposed to JUST strength training. Thanks Matt!


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