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  1. Makaveli, I found you through the "Eat big to get big" and I wish if there is a possible for another video with that topic. You are the best Motivation channel I have ever seen, keep up the good work !! I bet you are also the most motivated person in here because of editing and seeing this videos over and over by making them. 😀 I would be very dissapointed, if you aren't lifting anything, being fat etc. YOU ARE THE FUCKIN' BEAST BABY !!

  2. No matter what people says he is the blade.. he is the most competitive bodybuilder.. he is always in a good shape.. he has more than 25years competing at this level and he still in the top5… yes phill is in good shape.. but I want to see if phill can keep competing for more than 25 years at this lvl and continue in the top 5.. blade I am with you !!!!

  3. They will laugh at you, they will tell you it's impossible ,they will tell you nobody has ever done it . But only few have the courage to stand against all odds . Only few has the courage to start from the bottom and reach to the top. You have to sacrifice everything to reach your goals. only few can inspire the world be that few.
    And do what you love and die without regrets.
    Keep motivating ❤

  4. read these :….>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Go HUNT Your Dream – Motivational Speech

    Dream that's a powerful world .you will get knocked down many times .you will get knocked down many time casing your dreams . you will feel like you don't have the energy to get backup .you don't have strength to get backup .you will feel like giving up is the only option .when you are hit . when you have been knocked down by life. that's why it's time to hit back that's when it's time to hit back !

    many people get hit by life but they never hit back are you going to stay down? or are you going to decide to hit back to get back up ? it takes cougar it takes confidence . it take strong mindset to get back up when nobody believes in you . there is a lion inside all of us but some people decide to never let that lion out .many people keep that lion lock in it's cage .are you hungry for that dreams ? are you willing to fight for a dream? let the lion out get hungry for your dream go hunt your dream talking about the dream won't take you far working will doubters will tell you to be realistic haters will tell you to quit you are only one who can go and and get it it's your dream no one will case it from you .no one will hunt for you . no one will support your dream but you ther's a quote that goes: "everyone want's to eat but few are willing to hunt "goes everyone want to successed but few are willing to put in the work required stop limiting yourself you can make your dream your reality

    but it will only take one person to believe that is is possible it will only take one person to put in the work that person is you there's plenty of human before you who have accomplish big things who are living their dream life .they have done it .that is poor you can too it is proof that you can live your dream if you really want it you are the most dangerous enemy to your dream because only you decide when to quite and give up on your dreams only you when to kill these dreams you are more power full than you ever know . you can change the wrold with your dream. than but it only required you to get out of your comfort zone but it only required you to get out from your comfort zone and unleash the inner lion it required you to let the lion out of it's cage it required you to chase your dream no matter what if you have a weak mindset if you are afraid taking risk .you will net get far in life you will net get that dream create mindset that keep you moving even when other quit . life is unpredictable it is full of surprice you might be closer than you think your dream can become into reality if you refuse to quite. be like a lion never back down for challenge you face . a lion newer stop chasing her prey until it catches it . you never stop casing your dream until you love it . dream big and never let small minds convenience you that your goals is out of reach

    it may be out of reach for them not for you and you know better believe in yourself if you are in the way of my goals and dreams : i suggest you to move . never give up only kept in mind you are lion that lion that never stops he smash when if any one come on her road be like that and achieve your dream

  5. Makaveli is my pre workout and my motivation during workout. Those last few reps with the max burn where you think you can't go any further, your videos shout out do not give up, one more. That's when I rep out 5 more.


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