Mike Lakomowski, 31, from Texas, and his wife, Ashley, 32, have revealed that they’ve swapped date nights for trips to the gym in a bid to get the perfect physique. The body building couple train up to five times per week together. Mikey and Ashley met seven years go, and they were in a very different place to where they are now. Mike battled addiction, while Ashley was lacking confidence and was full of self-doubt.

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  1. not for me. worst was his non manly reaction to his womans only hobbie after themselves……. telly. if u werent chillin after netflix dont u think he would prefer be anywhere then in a bed watchin telly.

    prove me wrong. unless ur a pro sports woman or free spirit.. what the hell have women got to do when ur past 25 years old.. other then babies and made up drama cough desperate housewives cough


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