In this video, I break down the relationship between creatine and how to boost testosterone with it.

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Creatine is a natural substance that occurs in almost all vertabraes. It’s an important component in skeletal muscle metabolism, and it’s also the most researched and respected bodybuilding supplement around.

Creatine works by increasing the amount of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) molecules inside the cells, this improves the message sending and energy production of them all around the body. Thus, the reason why creatine has such wide range of benefits inside the nervous system, endocrine system, and muscular system.

But there’s still one huge benefit that connects creatine and testosterone. In a way, it’s also a testosterone booster.

Creatine and testosterone relate by it’s ability to increase testosterone levels, while also converting it into a more bio-available form called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which has about 3-10 times the potency of testosterone (it’s the strongest androgen in the male body).

Creatine in my opinion is probably the number #1 supplement. I’ve been taking it for years and I recommend it to all men, even if they’re not building muscle.

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  1. I've taken creatine for over 15 years, it works as promised, your Strength goes up, if you can lift more you be able to gain more. Never had problems with Kidneys, it is a fucking myth. I take 5 g twice a day for a week. Take it after work out with a blueberry smoothie, you really don't need a loading week.

  2. seems to be disconnect in your concept that high DHT is good. High DHT will inhibit boditly Testoserone and luteinizing hormone production, grow massive body and face hair, while eliminating, permamently, scalp head hair, prostate glad over growth, and often poor mental states. How would any of these primary effects of high DHT be considered as benificial.

  3. Creatine makes my blood pressure skyrocket, so much so that it makes my vision blurry and gives me bad chest pains for days. I've never been able to find out why.

  4. I would rather listen to my body thanks, Im sure it does all those things you said but there will be a price for taking that shit so go ahead and slowly kill yourself if that's what you want to do.

  5. It's so simple! If you want good health and longevity, follow these simple tips: "If it is man made don't eat it"! Get good sleep, keep hydrated, exercise, and meditate.

    If you were to take supplements for the rest of your life, then the stuff would grow on trees!

  6. Don't do the loading phase. It is not necessary. You will also get cramps, and even diarea..yes, even if you are hydrated. Just do a scoop a day, you will feel the effects within a day when working out

  7. Why are you recommending creatine monohydrate and not creatine hcl?
    That's a very honest question especially after the new propaganda for hcl nowadays
    Any guidelines?

  8. Has anyone considered that in the study they used Dextrose as the placebo and that it could have caused an insulin response that was responsible for the higher cortisol levels and the difference in Testosterone?

  9. I'm actively trying to grow a beard and I got my strategy in check, however I think my main problem is related to DHT, I'm pretty sure that I got low level of DHT.
    I used creatine by the past from two different source, the first one I tried was back when I was 18, it was too fucking strong it make me feel weird and I stopped immediatly, then I take it back when I was 23/24 but this time it basically made nothing but this was a cheap creatine from a website I wouldn't recommend (MyProtein).

    I will take it back but this time from a reputed website, quite pricey but effective and clean. I started again to lift (only heavy compound movement), I quit pornography and compulsive masturbation for good (and trust me this is the best T-booster ever), take a lot of vitamins to promote beard growth and T, so creatine might be the lil kick in the butt my follicles need to finish that fucking patchy beard !

  10. only using creatine for 8 days my weight went up for 3kg also i used to be able to do 2 pull ups 3 at most now i do 5 and my one arm push ups were non exsistent right now i do 2 with no problem duno but it works extremely well for me guess i am one of those who reacts really well 😛 worth it also i drink it with Carbs and beta alamine which smells like death xD Edit: i use 5grams creatin , 3 g beta alamine and around 70g carbs and if u got money u can also put around 30g proteins with it i use it after workout

  11. Problem with creatine is you're a slave to it if you want to maintain it's benefits. You'll lose the weight overnight once you stop. For this reason I've always opted out of creatine. Shits too needy for me.

  12. Creatine can also cause horrible constipation. Took creatine as prescribed — loading dose (20g per day for 7 days) and then 5g per day thereafter. Like pouring concrete into my system.

  13. I've seen studies that show that creatine converts testosterone into DHT and DHT has a large negative impact on male baldness. Apparently DHT often binds to hair follicles and causes them to atrophy. I'm a model and having a full head of hair is important but I'm also worried about my testosterone levels and wondering if creatine could help. Not sure how to proceed.

  14. How Creatine Works:
    If you’re not familiar with how creatine works here is a simple explanation. Andesine Triphosphate (ATP) fuels all muscle contraction, which is stored in the muscle cell. There is enough stored ATP in the muscle cell for about 5 to 7 seconds of intense exertion. After that the body has to use a different energy system so it takes Creatin-Phosphate (CP), which is also stored in the muscle and mixes it with Anderson Diphosphate (ADP) to make ATP. Creatine gives ADP the third phosphate molecule to make ATP. If you can increase your creatine stores in the muscle you can make ATP quicker and more easily.

  15. does it "work"? yes. is it comparable in any way to pharmaceuticals? HELL NO! Once you have experienced what REAL performance enhancement is, you cant take "supplements" like creatine. Or so ive heard. from other people. not me. and that is not the purpose of this video but whatever

  16. creatine- the asthma-inducer (if you have asthma) Ive done two experiments spread over a couple years. Turned my friend into the incredible hulk and turned me into a wheezing willy

  17. I stopped taking creatine. I’ll never take it again. Not worth it. I’m all natural now. Going to stay that way. Creatine is not worth the side effects. I got bigger. But prefer being lean and ripped. Creatine won’t do that. Basically get swole all over. Not really good for the body.

  18. What about creatine making men go bald? Several dudes told me they experienced MPB from consuming creatine! DHT elevation = balding on over drive! Your thoughts? Thanks

  19. Loading is not necessary, the body can only process 5g daily & in 2 weeks you will get the same level. There is no reason to cycle either, there is no benefit. This comes right a doctor. Everyone does not respond to creatine the same so results vary.


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