If you are just starting weightlifting and working out in a gym and don’t know what days to do what, this video will help! In this video is all the guidelines you need to outline your own workout plan/schedule! Remember that this is a vague explanation and can vary upon person and/or goals!



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  1. Hi hi I just found you. I’ve been trying my best to add some strength workout training to my schedule but I am a very busy belly dancer who performs a lot. I also work a full time office job. I can only go to the gym twice a week tops between work and practices. What split do you recommend doing when you only have two days at the gym? Again I get plenty of cardio through my belly dancing but I am really wanting to add weight training but I cannot commit too much time to the gym. Any advice would help!

  2. Hello 🙂 I just found you and absolutely love your channel!! So I have worked out for about 2 years now doing cardio only, but now I want to begin doing strength training. However, I do not know what I should be doing? How could I know where to start? I want to tone my body and lose more belly fat. Any advice or tips would help me a lot!!

  3. Thank you for that explicit breakdown. If I did butt on a fri and saturday I did some cardio taebox plus some glute activation would it be fine to work legs on monday? Considering the 48hr rest period I should be taking??

  4. I want to build muscle all over. Right now I am doing 6 days a week. Monday -legs . Tuesday all upper body muscles arms back chest… Wednesday HIIT and abs Thursday legs again. Friday upper body again. And Saturday full body workout with some cardio or any outside activity. I workout at least 1hr 1/2. Is this a good start? Would you change anything? I’m not over weight but want to gain muscle.

  5. So she said abs 10-20 min does that's mean other muscles need more time? How does one come up with a 40 min glute/leg day? Mine are that long only if I include the 5 min warm up and 5 min cool down lol

  6. Hi! I’m an absolute beginner with no athletic background at all and no gym experience. I want to start weightlifting to build strength and muscle. I have 5 days a week (mon-fri) available for gym. Should I do upper/ lower split or 5 day split focusing on specific muscle group.

  7. HUNTER!!!!!! Girl, when I tell you, YOU. DID. THIS?!!! (YESSSSS HUNTER…***Insert loud clapping here***)This is by far the BEST "How to" video that I've encountered thus far. Honestly, all of your videos are on point!! You really break it down! I almost have my plan together based on this one video. Question, I am a UBER beginner and I LOVE how you broke it down in writing for the individual that has 6 days. Can you do that for someone with a 4 day committment (i listed arm/glutes as you instructed for areas i'd like to work), but this girl could use a full body makeover, but a sistah has to start somewhere. One last thing, can you do a video on pre workout stretching? I Love you girl and i THANK YOU for what you are doing!

  8. You are my new FAVE Hunter! I am 49 years old and the only thing that i have worked out lately is my arm when i lift my fork to my mouth (shame on it all). Just keeping it 1000! Your videos motiviate me to WANT to move. You are truthful and I appreciate that. This particular video has given me the foundation that I've been looking for. I now have a starting point. Nope, it's not going to be easy, but nothing WORTH having is….. Soooooo here goes………#LET'SWORK!! Can you tell me what I can do if i have 3 days that would show results if i work hard?

  9. This video is so informative and just what I needed!! The only problem I have is I find it hard to go to the gym because I have no one to go with and the gym is always full and I get shy. Is there anything I can do?

  10. These are some amazing tips, thanks alot, iam kind of in the 3 days category and i have just started with weight training like 3 weeks ago and absolutely loving it. Thanks for the tips looking forward for more

  11. Thank you for the informative video! I am kind of confused about the 48 hours rest. My plan is to train 4 times a week (Monday – Thursday) where I would do Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Back, Biceps, and Abs on Monday and Wednesday and Legs and Glutes on Tuesday and Thursday. Given what you said about the 48 hours rest, do you not advise that I do the upper body on Monday and Wednesday as it is not enough rest time. And also not do the lower body on Tuesday and Thursday as that doesnt meet the 48 hours rest. The areas that I would like to ultimately focus on are my arms, inner things, abs, and glutes. Thanks!

  12. Thank you soo much for your videos you are so couraege me but how can i train my self without a coach?? I'm afraid hurting my lower back when i do squats ❤❤❤ could you give me advice for that

  13. Loveeee this video. Your great !!!
    I’m currently trying to lose a few more pounds and tone. Due to my busy schedule I can only workout 3-4 days a week during those days i todo 30 min cardio and 30min of weights. But I have trouble planning out my workouts. What do you recommend.


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