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  1. I think they should have tested and non tested like they already do. But in the olympics. But for youth have the testing like usada where athletes are tested randomly at home by well paid officials/athletes. So they minimize corruption.

  2. Weightlifting isn’t the only sport in the Olympics that dopes though believe swimmers take ped’s as well no matter what country it is..there’s a reason records continue to be shattered

  3. Not just in power lifting, but pretty much all sports. The most dangerous are combat sports. Competitors that are clean are getting beaten into a bloody pulp with unnatural strength. They are damaged for life.

  4. Even if I am a big fan of Lui Xiaojun and Tian Tao, what can we think of the Chinese system? The technique is at the top as well as the programming of the training, but no case of doping has been present in recent years …

  5. After watching your video and watching the documentary I think you might be underestimating the corruption side of what they found. Of course the doping part is what's destroying the sport in the public eye and for the competitors but if everything or only parts of what they accuse the IWF president of is true then this is in my opinion the much bigger problem. There seems to be no resemblance of any working control or power structure in that Federation and with that in place I see absolutely no possibility for change and the only logical conclusion is to force Weightlifting out of the olympics because no other measure seems to change the view of any of the officials.

  6. it really upsets me how these coaches are giving 13-year-old kids drugs without any thought about there health and how much of an effect anabolics can have on an adolescent .

  7. Unfortunately, at the very top of the sport where 0.5% separates the field drugs are inevitable, look at the hideous women in Crossfit. I would tend to assume all teams, all members across all sports and countries are all at it. Russia is simply the scape goat, guilty until proven innocent

  8. I would like to see some whistle blowing in powerlifting and strongman too.

    Steroids ruin sports because it creates a hugely variable ground for competition.

    Even two steroid takers could be experiencing different effects

  9. I think I would enjoy your videos more if you prepared them more in advance. It feels as if you had a rough idea of what you wanted to say and just pressed record. Just my opinion

  10. Yeah, I was just talking to a trainer. he said why people get caught doping? because they dont stop injecting early enough. 3 days is enough to piss it out.

  11. Weightlifting is totally corrupted by drugs. A layman can watch these male athletes and so-called 'females' and see that they're roided-up to the gills.
    Why is it so? Human nature, athletes who will do anything to win, some from poor countries whose families depend on them, financial gain, corrupt coaches and national bodies pressuring the athletes. Finally, I'm absolutely convinced that the so-called expert coaches making the training programs for the athletes are not the experts they seem to be.
    Their training programs could not continue without drug use. It's the core of the whole sport. The drugs make you much stronger and accelerate recovery dramatically.
    Take that away, the whole house of cards collapses.

  12. They just need to change the rules so that the lifter who lifts the lightest weight wins.
    Then I will finally achieve my dream of Olympic and world champion and world record holder.

  13. I believe that weightlifting becoming more or less like powerlifting would be quite awesome due to the movements. You need to end with the barbell overhead, if you dont, the lift is bad. There are no similar things in weightlifting like high squats, Bounce benches and soft deadlifts

  14. Nothing is going to change this, getting rid of weighlifting will move the kids to be be doped in other sports. How about we test only kids and let the adults take whatever they want?

  15. Awesome video, Zack. If weightlifting disappears from the Olympics, well, sadly thats kind of a loss for the Olympics. I mean you think Hercules and etc when you think of the original Olympics. Weightlifting really is almost synonymous with the Games. Personally I don't see it happening, if the IOC really wanted a clean Olympics we probably would have had it by now, but it's the same thing every 4 years. And it won't stop me struggling and striving to clean my goal of 120kg off my 90kg body weight either. The good news out of this, is that we might actually end up with a cleaner sport in general, which is good for everyone. It might hurt if WL misses a turn at the Games but it may be worth it in the long run.

  16. So how is giving anabolics to a 13 y/o any different than giving puberty supressing hormones to a same aged child because they think they are a girl even though they are biologically male? There is no difference, in fact I would argue giving anabolics to a 13 boy is less harmful than the other case. Both are deeply repugnant but one seems to be socially acceptable and even lauded as brave and courageous when in fact it's enabling and encouraging mental illness.

  17. So wait, can the tests detect if an adult was doping at age 12-17, say? If no, then why wouldn't countries just dope the kids anyway to at least give them a boost during that time that might carryover a little bit to later years even if they couldn't dope as an adult athlete?

  18. My problem is the light bans we have evidence that steroid use has some almost life long benefits and evidence that it's much easier to regain strength and size lost after stopping ped use than it is to get that strength and size in the first place. So to me, one single positive test of any serious ped, instant life ban. Any country found to be funding or encouraging doping in anyway, instant 12 year ban. Nobody would play this game if the result of losing was catastrophic. But instead we hand out slaps on the wrist

    If you're a young aspiring Olympian, your best chance is roid up in you early career, if you get caught fuck it who cares you'll get 4 years at the worst you'll be back for your peak. This is fucked. Lifetime bans on first offences are necessary at this point.

  19. As a German native speaker let me put a few things in perspective for you : the documentary basically says everyone is doping except for American and German athletes… Sounds fishy right? You also gotta keep in mind that the German tv channel ARD has been exposed for being the neoliberal, pro American and anti Russian propaganda station that it is, multiple times. Don't take it word for word guys if the east is doping it would be ridiculous to assume that the west is not, that is tribalism in its weakest shape…

  20. While i think all top level athletes should be on gear, giving it to kids for your own gain is sinister. And weightlifting is a special case because it revolves around the Olympics. I wouldn't want to see you guys lose your sport. Sticky situation for sure, im not sure there's an outcome that everyone would like.

  21. Unless they are able to develop a continuous monitoring system I don't see any way that doping can be kept out of the sport. Even then, cheaters find a way around the rules.

  22. Off with the cheater's heads. Let's support the legitimate efforts of honorable weightlifters, and let's spread the knowlegde and support the creation of anti-doping assotiations, let's enforce the rules. Weightlifitng is ancient, one of the original olympic events and should remain in the olympics. Let us stand in defense for it.

  23. how this surprises anyone anymore is beyond me, it's actually more the "surprised pikachu" reactions that grinds my gears, does'nt matter if it's the IPF worshippers, weightlifters, crossfitters or even tennis players – one can't help but cringe when the 'they're all lifetime clean' whiteknights start their defensive rants.

  24. Sorry but does anyone think that Olympic weight lifters don't dope? Seriously there probably isn't a single one that doesn't, they just couldn't compete if they didn't. For example, the US Olympic doctor developed DBOL for their lifters to compete with the Soviet lifters using Test. Every nation that wants to be competitive does it and not just in lifting.

    I had a friend who was on the British junior running squad and the coach asked her how far she wanted to go and said straight up that if she wanted to be the very best she would have to dope and he would tell her the people to get it from. US, France, Germany etc etc will be the same.

  25. I'm hopeful, but Ajan has to go. US, UK/western europe and some others are fielding only clean athletes FOR REAL at the international level and improving in standings more and more as sanctions are given out.

  26. From one side I want to agree but in general no one answers the real problem which is that the country's with "natural" oly level athletes they are just using better drugs than other countries. And I am not talking only for oly weightlifting but for every sport tha exists at Olympics

  27. just let everybody juice. steroids don't have good genetics, train like mad, exercise disciplined nutrition, sacrifice alcohol and social lives, and DONT GIVE DRUGS TO KIDS BECAUSE THATS WRONG. but adults can make their own choices.

  28. Zack, just some quastions. You are friend of Sonny webster, and ofc you know that he is banned for doping. What are your toughts now on ppl like Sonny "sosial media" ppl, who promote weightlifting on social media. Getting to maybe be an idol for some young athletes out there, he is Twitted on IWF Twitter acount, and they promote hes Instagram acount. It's so ironic that IWF promote ppl who is banned for doping, and they say that they are working against doping in weightlifting. Zack even you promoted hes instagram. Haven't you said that you want a clean sport? What are your toughts now on the sport, and why promote someone who is banned for doping on your Channel, when you want young athletes to have a clean and a good role modell. I think that is what you want right?

  29. Been a fan of your channel over the past year. l like the tutorials and the personal competition videos. Its no surprise that government funded athletes are put on steroids from a young age. If you personally, Zack, are against this then I guess we won't hear you discussing Lu Xiaojun or any other of the government funded athletes any more right?? You can't have it both ways. Aren't the families of the successful government funded athletes better off?? Aren't there incentives and benefits to athletes and their families when that athlete does well?
    How is it NOT better is than the kids in U.S. High Schools who start using steroids to improve their Football abilities hoping to make it to the NFL?? Believe me, we had it going on at my High School during the 1980s in the state of Maine of all places! If it was going on in rural Maine in the 80s, then its been going on in a LOT of High Schools of the U.S. for DECADES. Whether its sex or steroids, abstinence would be nice but, its an unrealistic dream. Having the kids monitored is going to be the safest and most realistic way to go.

  30. most of the top level dopes. then the bureaucracy that tests athletes decides who gets to cheat and what cheating is acceptable.

    Oh an athlete who brings in lots of money tested positive for a picogram of long term turinabol metabolites? Give em a waiver, say it was a tainted supplement or whatever. dick pills. oh another athlete tested positive for the same supplement? ban em, actually fuck it, ban the whole country.

  31. what's funny is that before the past 5 years or so when US weightlifters started to get decent, they were getting popped for doping too when they would barely qualify for a cat C.

    It is a really complex issue defining whether it is is a good or bad thing to stamp out doping in weightlifting. The sport that we all know and love going back to at least the 1960s has been heavily heavily dependent on doping.

    But untested WL would be insane and out of control. Not even like strongman and untested PL because in those sports the athletes are independent and have no outside pressure.
    In olympic WL athletes are on national teams with the pressure of their whole country on them, and they have typically been consumed in that environment and sport since childhood. Sometimes 16 year olds medal at weightlifting Olympics.

    So if WL was untested it would get real ugly, especially because the countries that produce weightlifters tend to be lacking in human rights.

    So I think we have two scenarios to choose from, which is comprehensive bullet proof testing or leave as is.
    The effect of comprehensive testing will however make things unfair for poorer/less developed countries as the most developed countries not only have better facilities but will find new ways to dope.

  32. I personally don't see any other solution than removing the entire governing body and replacing it entirely. This is so fucked up, disgusting old men enriching themselves with corruption and not even bothering to disguise their actions, how the hell have these guys not been jailed? This is obvious fraud and embezzlement and its absolutely disgusting for the athletes dedicated to the sport. Obviously there will always be doping, but we need to establish a fair environment at least. Beyond the IWF, they should probably get rid of the IOC aswell, they are probably nearly equally corrupt. The consequences this will most likely have on the sport are horrible, but justified unfortunately.

  33. People crying in here about wanting a clean sport. Who honestly wants to see an average person moving average weights at the Olympics ? You folks are aware the ones you swear are clean will have a Therapeutic Use Exception for at least one drug, right ?

  34. I don't want to see weights being lifting where there is a small possibility I may one day do the same. I want to see some supernatural never gonna happen shit occur. However I do not condone doping kids that's messed up.

  35. Glad this shit is coming out. Of course top level athletes are gonna use performance enhancing drugs. Do you think Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France because only he was taking drugs and everyone else wasn't? He said it himself, EVERYONE was doping. EVERYONE. You can't compete at these top levels without taking one if not a combination of performance enhancing drugs.

  36. The problem was back in the 70's when anabolic steroids was already prevelent. Why did not the leaders of the International Olympic Weightlifting start cracking down on steroids if the first place. Back then, they do this, then another, you know what I mean. Now, it has arrived to this. This kind of problem will just keep on going. You cannot stop anabolic steroids with weightlifting. They might as well exit from the olympics, and form a new federation for Olympic Weightlfting, and offer big money just like other professional sports. Give me a break, you see it all over the world, athletes taking anabolics, most influential is the bodybuilding world. The world wants to enormous weight lifted above. If it continues to push clean, you would not see any tremendous weights lifted anymore. Who want to see small weights lifted. The last was Bulgarians in the 80's, who had the biggest impact in the world for Olympic Weightlifting, and for sure that will be the last. Maybe it should be division by category, just like now, Powerlifting. They are happy, no problems. You can choose where to compete. If they continue where they are, the communist countries and eastern Europeans will always dominate, but their are countries coming up like Colombia. There will be always cheating going on, no matter what, always their scientist and medical team will always find a way to beat the test. Feel sorry, for American lifters male and female, cause they are the cleanest Olympic weightlifters right now, but competing with countries, like China, they get blown away. You think China is clean, B.S. Look at Columbia they are clean, B.S. For example, the government is helping them out. As long their is support from the government or big time sponsorship cheating will always be there. Look what happen to Thailand, they didn't do it right and they got caught, but their lifters was doing enormous lifting. Too bad, now they are ban. What I am saying let it go, we what to see the best of best of each country go head to head. Then, you will draw more people to watch, and of television, media will make more money. Is that what it is all about. Well, Thank you!

  37. I may be an asshole but I still think doping should be widely available.
    Weightlifting is already pretty niche, and without any records broken for 5-10 years (as it would be with everyone being natural) the sport would die slow, painful death anyway.

    Fite me

  38. Update as of january 10th, regarding Aján;
    `He declared that he wouldn’t resign, but that he wouldn’t run for reelection next year either. “My life, my fifty years of work, has been totally ruined by this documentary.”`

  39. I disagree with you “kids will be forced on drugs if we allows athletes to dope”. The countries you mentioned have child prostitution and sex slaves. You cant compare their ethics with the rest of the world. Steroids are required for every sport. Lets stop pretending.

  40. Fact: ALL athletes that are at the pinnacle of strength sports use banned performance enhancing substances. If you are one of the rare few that choose to walk the righteous path, haven never took and never will take, but still aspire to compete at the highest level consider these three things; don't expect to ever compete on a level playing field, don't expect to be the champion of champions, and don't be discouraged by such things. There will never be truly drug free strength sports. This bothered me a lot when I was young but not at all anymore. It's just how the world works. Being lifetime drug free I look back and know that I could have been at the top if I did take and honestly I wouldn't have changed a thing. It's quite fulfilling being one of the very, very few lifetime clean lifters that made it somewhere.

  41. if you aint cheatin you aint winning, thats how it goes, dont like it dont compete, keep to the gym or your home gym or hanging with juji and tom, the kids being given roids have parents if the parents do that to their kids well the kids can take it up with them or if the parents object to the coaches doing this they can take the kids out of the program
    but its never going to stop, humans have drive and ambition to insane levels and cheating is one of the ways those ambitions is achieved
    they amped up testing in MMA and it didnt stop jack shit, just made fights harder to set up cus of suspensions and fines, it was the worst thing to happen to mma, no testing and just letting them compete is best, as a spectator i dont really care what these athletes do, i just want to watch them knock the shit out of eachother or in this case lift the heaviest weight possible, my entertainment comes first and if they gotta roid it up then get roiding and put on a great show for me

  42. There is no solution here. You can try to prohibit it all you want, countries will continue to do it. Maybe the only solution would be, the doping to be allowed, but only with the knowledge and the approval of the athletes and their families.

  43. Great documentary. Wish it had been 5 or 6 hours longer covering other countries. Still most honest I have seen. Individuals that lift weights must have personal goals not like Olympians because the level of selfishness required to win gold is not in the DNA of most of us.

  44. You don't test doping by piss tests!!! You KNOW someone is doping when they have gonads which are shut down. If you find the lifter's balls are tiny, he's doping!!! If you make him cough and squeeze his balls and he doesn't react, the balls are fakes and have been implanted by a doctor!!!! That's how you test for steroids, not piss tests!!!!

  45. I maintain my stance that there should be dosed and natty categories. Many records are held by people who absolutely doped to get there, but those records are still impressive because it shows us how far the human body can go. I think having that separated from natty lifting would be much more successful than trying to get everyone clean a la war on drugs style. The drug testing monopoly on lifting has been FIFA-levels of corrupt for decades so the testing never mattered to begin with. Break the whole system and let people who want to ride the bicycle do it and let the people who want to compete naturally do it.

    Holding reform hostage because the Oceanic and Asian countries are garbage to their citizens is a pretty poor reason. Kick them out until they show that they're not exploiting their kids. China did the same with gymnastics because their government is garbage and they're garbage human beings.


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