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  1. Great & Systematic training under very ABLE hands of their Coaches,makes them World Champions,one after the other.I SALUTE to all of them & their Coaches,Can They train me,even though I am 60,after this Corona Crisis is over.I am READY to reach there & learn Mandarin,Cantonese,along with Weight lifting,as I want to develop my Physique & increase my longevity of Life.What will be the Cost for the Same in the Chinese Currency per year ? Please reply,please.Thanks & Regards,ox16@outlook.com

  2. 2:22 a lot of people at the gym forget about these kinds of exercises! and then they suffer pain always somewhere knee, shoulder etc. – some people are jsut ognorant or just don't know

  3. What's the purpose behind these lifts, other than the incredible amount of weight being moved?

    It seems to me, like they can only lead to some sort of injury in the long run.

    But maybe I'm wrong, and these lifts are actually somehow beneficial for your joints in the long run, since you're pushing them to such a limit.

    According to my former hypothesis, when I see these sorts of activities, I kind of just don't get it, lool.

  4. I wish I had the coaches and training equipment/gyms these super athletes have. I’m no super lifter but I try my best in my makeshift backyard gym. Nonetheless I salute these awesome weightlifters.

  5. Its pretty impressive. Seems like a good MARTIAL ARTIST could use this training to enhance their fighting power. I do not know if any of them were actually martial artists. That being said the strongest people tend to have THICK BONE STRUCTURES. They tend to be from central or northern EUROPE. Think Schwarzenegger or Franco Columbu. The men in this video did not have that thick bone structure that the strongest weight lifters tend to have.


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