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  1. I'd find it really helpful of you made some videos talking about this sort of stuff for other sports (football, martial arts etc) and the difference between general strength and specific Strength. Like if I'm using the Push Jerk to get generally better at football, how should I use it? If I start Push jerking I'll get better at the exercise because of specificity but that kinda warps my perception of how much more powerful I'm getting vs how much I'm just greasing the groove

  2. Do you do these conditioning days on an “OFF” day.. just thinking how I’d add it to my powerlifting training for the week without it negatively affecting my lifts.. I do 2 strength and 2 speed days a week…

  3. Doesn't the occlusion band increase the risk of venous incompetence. Increase pressure throughout the superficial femoral vein will eventually leads to valve failure and ultimately varicose vein.

  4. Check out Jordan Feigenbaum and Austin Baraki from Barbell Medicine if you want more of that "scientific knowledge for training"; in my eyes two of the smartest guys in the strength + conditioning world. They certainly bring the "nuance", as they say.

  5. Awesome. I always try to stay athletic bas as a powerlifter and only phase it out in my peaks. Something about being an athlete that has low mobility, athleticism and general conditioning that just seems off to me, but it's very easily done in strength sport. It seems to make you less injury prone to.

  6. 2 thing: 1. Blood Occlusion bands are wonderful! 2. Always wanted see what Onett was about, introduced to it by Joe Defranco, just need to drive down to Austin and see for myself

  7. Lets say i do this type of conditioning once a week, does that have a negative impact on my explosivity, wich we all know is a key aspect to weightlifting? And if so, is conditioning still worth it? I do weightlifting 3 times a week if that is of any importance.

  8. Looking to get more into weightlifting. I'm a CrossFit "athlete" that needs to supplement training. Can you do a video that shows how to supplement or enhance CrossFit with additional technical drills / lifts


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