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  1. Круто получилось! Было бы здорово добавить по фазные уровни (типа горизонтальными линиями) для наглядности и понимания что в какой момент движения происходит и например как меняется нагрузка (статика/динамика) между ногами спиной и плечевым поясом (типа интерактив на видео).
    PS пишу как человек недавно занявшийся ТА и без нормального тренера) так что не принимайте комментарий за критику.

  2. Hello , I have a question PLEASE answer it ! :
    In C&J hands should be fully extended or no just controlling the weight up your head in a stable position is enough , even with hands that are not fully extended ?

  3. I did a Power Clean/Jerk during my deadlift workout yesterday. Would do 4 repetitions of 135lbs then clean and jerk the last rep and did this for three sets. However I used standard deadlift grip (arms inside of knees) instead of the sumo stance shown here (arms outside of knees). Is this correct or should I go for sumo stance when attempting a clean/jerk?

  4. So him not doing the receiving position with his legs forward and backward? is that just him trying to look badass or is that laziness? It seems badass but it's prolly not a heavy weight for him.

  5. I don't have the elevation off the floor or the wide stance for the movement. I tend to keep my feet a bit closer and when I thrust into the press I spread my feet one forward the other back. I started doing the clean and press maybe about 6 months ago and im addicted to to it. I work up quite the sweat with these and plus your breathing has to be on-point as well. well done.

  6. You should see how the Chinese do it: they deadlift but don’t straighten there legs and when the bar gets to there knees they keep there legs bent so when they hip thrust it it’s like your busting inside your teacher for the first time


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