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  1. I really really wish I had friends who were into weight lifting I’m just starting myself I want to see how far I can make it in strong man I just turned 20 and right now I’m just working out at the local gym

  2. i'm 47 years old and just startedlifting weights last november. i can pretty much do what these millennials do and they've been doing it far longer. do i just have an insane amount of testosterone STILL at my age? no wonder the chicks dig me! nice try anyway clarence, i'll stay subbed but definitely realizing this stuff isn't that hard.

  3. tbh with the athleticism he has he could train to be anything physical. if he has the mental for it he could be a great MMA fighting very fast. football player etc. only problem is if he isnt one of the crazy gifted ya kow and cant figure out how to throw a baseball or play the game or fight etc then it wouldnt matter would it. but his physique paired with any decent MMA fighters mind/discipline/skill in the sport…he'd outclass anyone. fact.

  4. Juji I highly recommend taking a more "hands" on approach to work on your jerk. Maybe get the wifey to watch you jerk and see if she can offer some encouragement and/or critique to your technique.

  5. Watching this from Montpellier I'm thinking Clarence would be wise to research the effect on the body in later life from his over stressing of his joints and connective tissue! We see in our hospital the end result of A.c. joint and knee joints damage!

  6. I've been aware of Clarance for quite some time now, and I can remember seeing various posts and videos about him "switching" between strength sports from time to time… But does he actually compete in anything? Or is he justing training?

  7. It is the technique. The log is almost designed to not stay in the line with the body. Once it rolls, you need to make sure it rolls away from your feet. There is no saving.

  8. Martins , devon , clarence and magnus in a relaxing Backyard BBQ video is what I'm waiting for .

    Oh yeah bring back the Highland Games guy to do the barbecue I still watch that video and Drool on occasion

  9. Rule of thumb you have to weight min 300lbs to complete in strongman . Even wheels is finding that out, he's shooting for 300 as we speak. And he is freaky strong . Most men walk at almost 400 for it . I'm 275 and I know I'm strong as a ox but I'd never go in unless I put on more lbs you have to weight alot to move alot that's just how it goes. You could never compete on a pro level like Thor and hall and Shaw weighing less . Martin licis does well because I feel technique wise he's the best in the game. It makes up for less power. And I bet he walks at 335 and up.

  10. I bought a log mainly for bench pressing both incline and flat, but I obviously also use it for shoulder press and push press. I do avoid cleaning it for the risk of a biceps injury. It will emphasize the triceps more because of the grip and the limited range. I love it. It really feels very different and for overhead, I like it a lot more than a barbell. It just feels better with the wider diameter and the neutral grip. I think the grip also puts more emphasis on the upper chest, so the incline is great. A gym I go to actually has a dual grip so you get close-grip as well for even more triceps focus. If I could find a dual-grip where I live, I would definitely get that. And most importantly . . . it looks badass AF!

  11. hey juji I hope that getting older and not quite as powerful isnt getting you down. I think you are a great, grounding part of the fitness community which is more than really any strong rando can do.u the man (and tom too)


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