Queen of the Night by Machinimasound


  1. 1:10 not impressed I did 22 lbs less with colon cancer, crohns colitis and rheumathoid arthritis and no steroids and only 155 lbs bodyweight and I did the harder version of it, without these weightlifting chalk, shoes and clothes. The god has spoken bow down scum

  2. does form matter or is it pure strength idk really. I usually lift 115-125 pounds and its always a struggle usually my face gets red. I weigh 145 pounds so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

  3. How is this possible 55 kg over 200 kg squat? Dont scientist say that fast twitch fibers grow in size while your strenght goes up?and slow twitch endurance dont grow?How mutch would they weigh if they didnt lift, 20 kg XD? But maybe theze lifters are miggets even compered to chinize people,maybe they are all 110-120 cm tall and their range of motion is ridicilously small xD…

  4. 5:33 WOW WEIRD the first thign I thought of when I saw this was "wow doesn't anyone slip on all tht powder underneath like that!? Then he slipped on it…. it ws weird cuz it was thefirstt ime I've ever seen that, and the first time it ever crossed my mind thta that could happen xD

  5. They are all much shorter , which means a lower time under tension to move the weight . Not discrediting their commitment and insane work ethic, just keep in mind it ain't the same as with a guy who is 6'1

  6. I believe all the lifts that were done at the olympics. But it might be that you wrote more weight than they actually lift, or they use fake weights. Just look at the first one. Its not possible. This is giving people confidence issues. Stop the bullshit

  7. For anyone not understanding how they are so strong for their size, its because asians typically are shorter, and have shorter limbs. Shorter limbs means they have a shorter length of pull. They don't have to move the weight as much as someone who is taller than them. Not discounting the amount of work these guys have put into training of course…


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