China has consistently produced some of the best weightlifters our sport has ever seen. These are some of the athletes we can expect to be challenging for medals at the IWF World Championships in Thailand this September, and of course the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo…

Footage provided by the IWF archive, All Things Gym, China Global Television Network and China Central Television.

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  1. IWF, these long docs are great. But how about some training hall footage, or sponsor ATG / HG to do them for you? These guys are doing amazing work to help spread weightlifting. Yet they are struggling financially to support themselves.. Thats not right

  2. As hectic as this video is, IWF needs to recognise that All Things Gym and Hookgrip have carried the weight of weightlifting promotion that has led to weightliftings increasing popularity.

  3. l believe zhongguo weightlifters will be more spectscular winning & breaking world records … chen lijun(67kg) shi zhiyong( 73kg,) lu xiaojun li dayin(81kg) and tian tao(96kg) are the 2019 wwc & 2020 olympic champions as predicted …congratulation to all zhongguo weightlifters be stronger & winning more golds …..


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