The boys get together for epidsode 57 of Bodybuilding and Bollocks to breakdown the Chicago Pro and enjoy some good news in everyones life. We get to meet the newest member of the BB&B crew, Phoenix!



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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Intro / All the weeks personal news.

21:05 – Chicago Pro Breakdown

39:50 – JP’s training and if its good for everyone.

52:22 – White BBers.

1:02:12 – Failure sets, working sets, warm up sets.

1:10:06 – Rebounding onto another show only weeks away.

1:13:35 – Precontest strategies/myths for PED use.

1:23:40 – Blood work checks.

1:26:16 – BBer’s that could play other sports.

1:27:12 – Favourite meal to cook in the offseason.

1:28:07 – Protein powders.

1:29:17 – Deadlifts for entire back or for part of your back.

1:36:12 – Would you rather…

1:37:43 – How to stay consistent even in bad situations.

1:39:38 – How you ever thought….


  1. I was thinking about how Fouad probably won’t be able to compete again, and I thought to myself it’s not the big of a deal. I’d of course love to him on stage, but the mark he’s going leave on bodybuilding is bigger than the stage. He will always be a legend to me based off the man he is, and what he has done for the sport.

  2. All the feels today! Finally a bunch of good news to end 2020 on a positive note. You guys are all awesome and I love that you allow us all to follow along with your journeys. Congrats to Iain and James on their victories – well earned and deserved! Can’t wait to see you both on that Olympia stage. Congrats to Ben on the new contract and the birth of your first born. And of course, happy birthday to Fouad!!!

  3. So I've been trying JP's style of training since 1st of June, I'm natural, never took anything. Like for quads I do just 5 sets, where 2 are heavy sets to failure and 3 backoffs to failure as well. I don't know if it is the best for me but man, I love that Pull Push Rest Legs Rest style, and my recovery has improved from the 20 sets per week from before, so thanks to JP!

  4. Ian, He opens his mouth and you realize how educated, we’ll spoken, and a great rep for bb this foursome is great!!!!! Keep it up please. You all really speak extremely well about your sport. Your passion and how much bb is your life not your job is your prep your life encompasses everything bodubuilding

  5. I do micro dosing… dont suffer from any gyno or nothing… But I recently discovered that if I don't run like Arimadex 1mg x2 per week minimum, I always have swollen ankles. And my kidney function is always good. Has any of you experienced this?

  6. Ian lmao talkin bout EKG like it is anything of a test.. BRO EKG is just a measurement of the ELECTRICAL CURRENTS in your heart! It aint gonna tell you jack diddily unless you were already a heart disease patient who has electrical rythymic issues.. lol.. what he means to say is a CARDIOGRAM.. this is basically the sonogram of your heart! where they take the actual measurements of valves and arteries. Get a CardioGram 1x every 3yrs if under 35 using gear, and if using gearover 35 get a cardiogram 1x every 2yr an if your over 50 using gear get a cardiogram 1x a yr.. ideally if you do things right you dont need to get one done but every 4yrs, so you can have a timeline chart of your heart growth over time and see how significant and what areas so you can know if your doing damage via enlargement an mutations

  7. When you next do a pod with Ben can you ask about how he met Luke and how they became friends? I remember hearing that Luke thought Ben was a dickhead before they met and it sounds like a fun story.

    Happy Birthday Fouad! Keep tearing shit up!

  8. Fouad…. bro… thank God you are okay. I am so fucking grateful you made the right choice brother. We need you. You are single handedly changing the bodybuilding world in the best way it's ever been. After losing Luke if something happened to you the bodybuilding world would fucking fall apart. I would fall apart. We would all be ruined and crushed. We love you so fucking much bro.

  9. Okay I have a theory or just an opinion on the term "calorie surplus" and I was hoping someone or even Fouad can chime in. To date, I am of the opinion that you need to be in a calorie surplus to put on significant muscle. However I think everyone miss uses that term. In the podcast you guys talk about what to do between shows to put on some muscle but not get fat and Iain says he takes in enough calories to make sure that his training is optimized but that he isn't putting on fat. So obviously his calories are increased from let's say, 4 days out from a show. He's eating enough to support full muscle recovery and to keep up with his metabolic rate based on an increased training load between these shows. I'm sure he's pushing heavier weight now and higher volume than he is 1 or 2 weeks out. So this should increase muscle mass as he is pushing harder than before and ideally eating just enough to support his increased metabolic rate and muscle recovery. That being said, if the term calorie deficit is used when you're eating less calories than your metabolic rate would otherwise need, which gets rid of bodyfat, wouldn't the term calorie surplus mean that you are eating more than you actually need to fully recover your muscles? Which would mean that the only effect of eating in a TRUE calorie surplus is to gain fat? I personally use the term calorie surplus when I'm growing but I think the off season requires more calories because you are constantly progressively overloading, and let's say you magically know exactly how many calories would optimize perfect muscle recovery and would even out your metabolic rate, do you really need to eat more than that if those extra calories at that point aren't serving any purpose considering you already have a.your bases covered food wise? I just think that maybe the "do you need to be in a calorie surplus" debate might be all miscommunicated by different understandings of the use of the term. I'm not sure if that makes any sense that's why I'm dropping the comment here. I personally think if you're constantly eating more and more calories, but you aren't getting really fat, you aren't technically in that "surplus" you're talking about, you're just using more calories efficiently to build muscle as you're progressively overloading in the off season


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