https://axeandsledge.comhttps://allamericanroughneck.comPre-Workout Shake:1.5 Scoops Hydraulic – Shark Bite1 Scoop Demo DayWarm Up – Pull-ups – 50 to 1005-10 sets | 10 Reps1. Machine Chest Press3-5 sets | 12 Reps2. Incline Dumbbells3-5 sets | 12 Reps3. Flat Dumbbell Fly3-5 sets | 12 Reps4.Dips Superset with Pushups3-5 sets | 12 Reps5.Cable Crossovers (2 variations)3-5 sets | 12 Reps


  1. G'day Seth. Totally love your workouts, drive, passion, dedication and humor man and your desire to pass on your knowledge. when you get finished a set of dumbbell presses and drop into pushups i always wondered if you are engaging your core and squeezing your glutes as you are doing them because for me i find when i do that my pushups get crazy intense. i have to control my breathing more because my core is engaged and my arms, chest and forward delts have to work harder because im squeezing my glutes. i just feel that much more in my chest if i do that. so are you doing that? i mean im not gonna stop doing that because thats working for me. just wondered if you are also when you do push ups.


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