WORKOUT:Bench Press5 sets, 15, 15, 12, 10 + dropset with paused repsIncline Bench press4 sets, 15, 12, 10, 8 repsIncline Military Press3 sets, 15, 12, 10 repsPec Deck Flyes3 sets, 15, 15, 12 repsHammer Strength Chest Press3 sets, 15, 12, 10+forced repsDumbbell Pullover3 sets, 20, 15, 15 repsSide Dumbbell Lateral Raise3 sets, 15, 15, 12 repsSkullcrusher + French Press (superset)4 supersets, 15, 12, 12, 10 repsUnderhand French Press3 sets, 15, 12, 10 repsRope Tricep Pushdown3 sets, 15, 15, 12 reps”We always use the basic principles from the Golden Era of bodybuilding to craft a physique like the ones from the old days. Those were art, and that should be brought back. Creating a classic physique is the goal and at VintageGenetics we’re all about bringing forth yet again worthy physiques reminisent of the 70’s and 80’s.”Join us!Facebook and Fashion: | Supplementation and ClothingMusicTheEnigmaTNG


  1. I love pause reps it definitely helped me not only improve my chest but also my strength. At one point was doing 315 for about 4-6 reps depending on how I felt that day. I have a shoulder injury so I'm taking it easy for now.

  2. Ga deze workout morgen proberen heb gisteren een van je back en bicep workouts gedaan en was echt lekkere workout dus ga zeker vaker je workouts gebruiken 🙂

  3. Hey Wesley, ik wil even laten weten dat ik super veel aan je filmpjes/info heb. Ik zelf ben een voorstander van het Classic BB ipv modern BB. Keep up the good work!


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