Incline Plate Loaded Pec Flys – 3x12Last Set Dropset(If you don’t have plate loaded pec fly do dumbbell flys instead)2. Cable Crossovers – 4x12Do not forget that you can do these a different height variations3. Smith Machine Ladder Pushups – 3sets – 1 set = 15 reps at 3 different elevations you can start high and go low, or start low and go high BICEPS4. Dumbbell Curls – 3×125. EZ Bar Curls – 3x12Last Set – 3 Seth Dropset6. Hanging Concentration Curls – 3x12Make sure you get a good squeeze at the top of each rep


  1. Good vid Seth! So now after you got injured you paired 2body parts in the same workout, as you did with Chest and Biceps. First i will try your old routine and after a while will switch with your current. Best of luck!


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