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  1. It's about what you wanna do to be strong, it's about what you can sacrifice to become what you wanted to become . It come down to how bad you want it. If you want it bad enough you will do anything to get it. That's about everything in life, it needs sacrifice and dedication. So set a goal, see yourself achieving that goal and work as much as required and win it.
    Always stay motivated ♥

  2. Fuck the pain get huge massive and pack on more muscle , let the pain screams let the body shattered , let the tissues be damage, the more you love the pain the more your body will gain .just don't stop be a winner not an average fucking bullshit person.the pain you feel today the game will be yours tomorrow.

  3. I am still blown away that people have the tenacity to give a thumbs down to these videos. They have either never chased the pump or don't understand what a pump really even is! Great video as always. Keep up the hard work.

  4. I am a Parkour beginner and thanks to this video I said to myself, stop to be scary of doing front flip outside. Go there and do it ! You can see it on my Channel tomorrow. I promise I will do it ! Let's burn the fuel every day to be proud of ourselves !

  5. Hey Makaveli. Great video as usually! You maybe remember my name. Could you send me mail on this nick? Would like to ask you on something. Like it was before, but u didnt replied. Probably bombarded so much with other things.:)

  6. Not every set should be taken too failure if your natty… generates too much fatigue and if volume isn’t handled correctly then you will assuredly not beable to recover between each session

  7. Anddd thats how you get injured … you cant be in pain every set… all these athletes on those videos are on the juice … they recover faster. Life is a marathon not a sprint, you cant train like that and be looking good at your 60s and 70s look at Ronnie Coleman full of injuries….


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