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  1. Charles Glass is a f**** Legend man that story talked about the woman not being able to afford his training but still gave her an extra day and tells you how he's established himself in the game that he can do for others

  2. FUCK THIS! I'm 7 minutes in and I WANT to train with Mr. Glass right now!…. Its amazing to me how wisdom cannot be denied, even when it's dished out with a tall Glass of humbleness. RESPECT SIR!

  3. i really really like your philosophy sir…More power to you and i hope you can help bigeners too even thogh your level is for the pros the knowledge, experience and wisdom in your workouts are really full of wisdom.

  4. I wish that Charles Glass be my trainer and change my body but m getting old reaching 40 so seems hard but I always watching his videos. By the way how much he charge if I do one year contract. Hhh hopefully affordable. Anyway, he is unique and so mild nature and sophisticated that I wish once in my life time I meet him. My salute to him. Muhammad Khan.

  5. Mr. Glass I'm not a bodybuilder by any means fat growing up as a kid I used order all the magazines I used take all the supplements and high school but can never get bigger muscular must be in my Hispanic blood haha… But I came across your videos and now I'm hooked been watching you almost every day and starting to feel motivated and 41 years old now pretty darn outta shape and my kids always say that I look like I'm about to have a baby… If you ever come to Texas let me know it would be an honor and a privilege to listen to you and train with you and maybe change my lifestyle around before I die of diabetes or high blood pressure… Keep up the good work and like all the videos say you truly are a legend I've been learning about you and the more I watch your videos the more inspiring you are sir!!

  6. I just want to thank this guy so much. Since I started applying his concepts I finally kickstarted my body to start building muscle. Im a complete beginner and my gains are barely visible, but it's been only a month and I can already notice my body developing at a faster rate than in the previous year. Every single thing he says is extremely valuable, concise and to the point, you can't miss building muscle with his advise

  7. 7:00 Mark: "To lock everything out." Charles: "I never lock". This is crucial. What are you training for? EX: If you're competing at the bench press, you need to train the lock-out, but if you're training it to develop muscle, you need to NOT lock-out, & keep pressure on the muscle for the entire set.


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