Cardio and strength training affect your body differently, and both are essential to your health and well being. Watch this video to learn how.

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  1. I've been running on and off nine years. And since November 2017 running now three years straight five miles on the treadmill for one hour non-stop. I stopped losing weight after my 2018 year of just running and nothing but running. Then on June 10th, 2019. I stepped out my comfort zone, and started lifting weights at the gym along with still my cardio running workout everyday. I gotta say, ever since I started lifting weights, the fat has come right off me at 4x the rate of just running alone. I was 335lb in November 2017, with a health scare of high liver enzymes by my blood test results from my primary health doctor. Now I'm 264lb pounds. And liver enzymes are perfect. I'm not going to die. The next step was fatty liver then liver failure. And no I don't drink any alcohol at all. It's amazing when you take care of your body. How it takes care of you and rewards you back with feeling great everyday.

  2. Can somebody give me advice, im 18 i weight 20stone and im 6 feet 4.4 inches tall, somebody please tell me the fastest weight loss meal or what to do at the gym, thanks in advance


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