, carbs, and MORE CARBS! If you have been following me, you are all aware of my love for CARBS! Blood flow, nutrient flow, GROWTH! In this video, we will be going over the carbohydrates I utilize in my diet. Whether it is my off season, or during prep, I utilize different carbohydrates sources. You will hear my reasoning for eating certain carbs on certain days, or at certain times! Take this knowledge and adjust as needed for your personal needs! Some carb sources do not work for everyone. Pay attention to how your body is feeling(Do you feel bloated?, Problems digesting?, etc.), and start trying out some new carb options to make those GAINS!


  1. Wait… So he's spiking his insulin BEFORE he works out? Can somebody educate me on this. I thought the best strategy was to keep it level then spike it after the workout to drive in the nutrients to build it back up??


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