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  1. Can't stop me destroying what we created. First I destroy what we created, then I protect, eventually I become architect of some something. That's how it works when god's incarnate take birth. We act anticlosewisely when we are in human form. From the original obode as a godhood we act clockwisely- create, protect and destroy. As I have descended in this world, I have to climb from bottom to reach the top. That's why from this planet- destroy, protect and architect. From heaven- Create, Save and Annihilate.

  2. I got really tired of the "Globe-o" gyms full of televisions and posers. "Empty–just the way we like it" is the way mine always is because I built my own in my backyard. I've got monkey bars, a dead-lift platform, a bench, squat rack and a pretty good weight pile–some bought, some I made with concrete, pvc and sash weights. Pissing down rain at zero dark thirty this morning, but I was out there doing toe to bars with no shirt on. I'm always the baddest mf in my gym! Ha! Got me to motivate me and these vids. Thank you, Rock! I like the gyms you use: If they have more tv's than benches they're not really a gym, are they? Work hard everybody and God bless!


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