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  1. for natural lifters eating huge means you getting ready to gain Bad fats also.
    rather i prefer lean bulking which is better off.
    about 300grams of carbs is good to go with for me.
    Food is also way too expensive atleast the perfect diet food. people who are working or have responsibilities can't afford that and need to suffice with what they have with them.

  2. Lazy Haters: "I know people who are stronger and bigger then you."
    Me: "Wtf does that have to do with you? Did you help him get bigger and stronger? Was it you who put in the dedication and hard work? That's what I thought. Fucking faggot ass cock rider."

  3. Ronnie is a legend but the food he cooks looks like shit. I know it's healthy but I have seen other bodybuilders cook health food and Ronnie's looks the shittiest.

  4. I put these on when im struggling to gulp down my last meal of the day. Added an extra meal to my diet and hell its hard to get it down sometimes. So i put this good shit on and down it goes. Respect

  5. bodybuilding lifestyle – proceeds to show the top of the top bodybuilders eat burgers n shit and talking about 1k carbs per day. have fun getting fat bois

  6. They forgot about needles and all the drugs you have to put into your body to get to that horrid size and shape. But I agree with them that eating more than you think is the key, especially a quality food – none of that junk from fast food drive thru. If you want to eat a burger then make it yourself, it will be 10 times more healthy and you know what you're putting in it and the same goes for any dish you're craving for.

  7. dont get me arong i'm for healthy nutrition and all, but as long as they dont come forward with their "other supplements" abuse, it's half truth or just another lie depends on your perspective. hardcore diet or hardcore workout will not trnsform you into their physique unless the "other ingredients" start to kick in. for the wise.
    god bless


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