1. @wowimcool27 At the end of the movement I stand up on my toes because I am exploding from my legs as hard as I can and since i am lifting heavily, I take stress off of knees rather having them be put through the stress at the end of the movement. I call it the "heel toe movement"

  2. @arj3191 i jus watched your chest and shoulder vid aswell when you're doing the incline bench press on the smith machine. You dont train your stabilizer muscles that way, try doing the same weight free weight and im pretty sure you cant. you should train you're stabilizer muscles. the smith machine maintains the balance for you in squats.

  3. @Mikey210194 Yea I know, recruiting the muscles that maintain balance is important, but I did these on a self spotting rig for the sake of making the video, because I don't have anyone to spot me most of the time.

  4. @jeff21693 true lol, i noticed he doesn't go down to low, i understand it is heavy weights but still he is using the smith machine and if anything he can alway self spot himself, so he should of went lower!

    Using a smith machine OBVIOUSLY does not show your true strength, and you do lose some of the benefit from free weighted squats, BUT with the smith machine, I can get a better idea of how much weight I can handle, without the risk, of hurting me or someone else. Don't expect me to ever go past my max on any large exercise without a spotter.

  6. @ItsLuk it's real horrible when you don't have a spotter. I also have bad knees, so this high impact exerise THATS what is mainly for. Im really gettin tired of ppl like u trying to sound so hardcore like just because you did some squats on a regular rack, doesnt make u legit. I've done normal squats before, I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.

  7. @79JoshK Did I say I am trying to impress you??? No, get over yourself. Try having to go to physical therapy for your knee for 2 years and go squat. This video is for me, not for "cool guys that talk out the side of their necks" like you. Ok big man? 😉

  8. @79JoshK smh….Bulking is a cycle where you change your diet and lifting methods to gain weight…it has nothing to with impressing anyone. If you have been to physical therapy, you would know that something like this isnt easy on ur joints, so you would not be talking smack. And good comeback, the pillow on the bar really shows my LEG strength. Like I said, ur just another dude who goes around talking crap to ppl who make gym videos when you probably couldnt do it urself…

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