1. Great vid, but too much swinging on the biceps curl, can't blame you though! 50 pounds, that's alot! but you should try to do them as slow as you can, with goood form, try it out mate! an olympic gold winner in rowing told me that, Olaf Tufte – he is HUGE! just google him ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. @almacen7 Trust me I know swinging compromises form, but that only preps my muscles to handle heavier weight. If you never push your muscles to the point of failure or to the point where you break form, they will never grow.

  3. I don't like using the smith machine since you have a spotter you should have used free weights. When you use free weights you get a better physique because not only are you lifting but balancing so more muscles are involved.overall good vid

  4. The white guys breathing is all wrong. He is breathing in when lifting, and out when releasing….. it should be the other way about…. breathing out as your muscles contract, and breathing in as they extend.

  5. @magrant184 ego? what ego? When I go to the gym I leave it all outside. No fear, no ego. Nothing but me and my plan. My arms improved drastically after working out like this.

  6. Guys when you do the T bar row keep your lower back straight and tight. Dont arch it downward as you do, arch it a bit upward in natural position and flex it there and be tight. Or if you cant do it use a belt. because with downward arching like this you will destroy your lower back in a while.

  7. Aj don't let these dudes kill your vibe. You are a big inspiration on me when it comes to physical fitness and your haters too that's why they watch your videos. Keep em coming bud I use your workouts at the gym to modify what's best for me. And remember, keep GOD 1st.. Much Love,, no homo.

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    Odd to you, but to me, thatโ€™s my death day. Dead to ever living a normal life again. When I saw you sitting on the pier, I kind of thought of it as a gift…a beautiful…hopeful gift.


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