1. Aj is it ok for a 15 yr old like myself to lift weights and take protein shakes? Also I have a good , vascular upper body but my legs are thick (mostly fat) and don't have that much definition . What should I do ?

  2. I been bulking for 3 months, gained 25 pounds. I dont regret it but I must say that if anyone is going to bulk you will gain FATS! (Most of us don't like that lol)
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  3. Hey man please answer this, I want to get ripped, can I take creatine while eating a few calories below maintenance because its my second year of training? I am following a 40/40/20 macro split, what do you think? or should I go balls out like zyzz and ketogenic diet my way to ripped?

  4. I thought that when bulking should keep like as much calories as you can when i mean that i mean be in a caloric surplus at the end the day? wouldnt doing cardio just burn most the calories off? i say this cause im an ectomorph….

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