https://axeandsledge.comhttps://allamericanroughneck.comPre-Workout:1.5 Scoops Hydraulic1 Scoop Demo DayIntra:1 Scoop Demo DayPost:1 Scoop The Grind1 Scoop Demo DayWarm-Up – Incline Machine Presses- 4×10-12- Move some blood and loosen up, pyramid up in weightWe are targeting incline presses early to get the upper chest firing. This will put emphasis on the upper chest for the rest of the workout! Building the upper chest to have that shelf like look, and helps add that thickness to the outer swoop! 1. Incline Smith Machine Presses- 3 Warm-Up Sets- 7×7-92. Flat Dumbbell Flys- 2 Warm-ups- 2 Work Sets to absolute failure3. Hammer Strength Chest Press- 4×10-12- Pyramid up in weight4. Pec Deck- 4×10-12- Pyramid up in weight- Finish Strong!



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