Powerliftig, weightlifting, gym training accidents and fails, injuries, tears and snaps. Every business carries its own risks.


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  1. OK so the obvious question is this: Here we are in the 21st Century and STILL we don't have a simple fail-safe way to lift weights. I mean, there's no technology to CATCH the weight if it falls. Pretty much the lifters get smashed or killed. Put some Damn BARS at the side of the weight-lifting mat GEEZ.

  2. 00:53 bro's sis,gf,wife was the 1st to respond respect and she must really love him. But damn why did you let him lift that and you probably havent seen him lift 5-10lbs from that damn. But i hope he's okay.

  3. I'd rather have spotters who have their hands ON the weights so they can actually idk catch the weight if I drop it. I know that's not the "proper" way, but if their hands are too far from the weight to prevent it from hitting me, then there's no point to them being there at all.
    At the same time, though, KNOW YOUR LIMITS. There is nothing wrong with working your way up slowly. Everyone starts out an amateur.

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