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  1. Bodybuilding is NOT a SPORT !!! Besides that i'ts very unhealthy and dangerous to Your life on a "pro level". Current bodybuilders look like an IMITATION of a bodybuilder with big bellys and lost proportions in general. Aaaaand You have it. That's why people hate bodybuilding.

  2. Nobody cares about bodybuilding anymore because everyone realized it’s all about taking boat loads of steroid drugs. Your “hard work” is useless without the steroid drugs.

  3. The truth is that the lives of all pro athletes suck hard. I know a bunch of winter sports athletes and they've lived a life very far from enjoyable for most people. Everything is cool as long as you do it for fun as a hobby. You name it: sports, music, art. But if you go pro and want to make a living of it, it very quickly becomes an arduous thing that very few people could enjoy.

  4. I actually regret I was so focused on bodybuilding in my teens and early 20s for nothing lol missed so many opportunities.I wish I had invested that time and effort into something else.I still train 4 times a week but it's definitely not my priority, priority should be business and money so you can even do this shit since it's expensive as fuck.To all young guys, fuck this shit invest that dedication into something else you want to be somebody and have a decent income once you turn 30

  5. The problem I see is sooooo many people will NEVER look like the people they try to emulate. They want to look like a pro. Its will not happen. Bodybuilding has been as natural as breathing. Ive done it for almost 30 years. It is fun when you enjoy it. If you dont enjoy it, then its not for you. Like Joe Weider said, They say if you are born to the iron,
    you know it the first time you lift.
    Bodybuilding is strict. It is discipline. It is hard work. But its also fun.

  6. 8:16 Men's open bodybuilders simply can't do that lol; they'll break ankles and knees jumping with all that mass and forget any cardio activity that lasts more than an hour. They also look like crap in any clothes because of their extreme proportions.

  7. I used to know the names of all the top body builders and their stats! They were all like superheroes! I couldn't name three now it's so f**** boring…. That's why I started paying attention to strongman! Brian shaw, Eddie Hall,Thor, Robert oberst, Nick best. Larry wheels.. And those are just a couple! Bodybuilding is a waste of time Brothers make yourself strong in a real way!! Check out arm wrestling with Devin Larrett, Michael Todd, the gorilla! Schoolboy! These are real people with real personalities not boring old bodybuilding…..

  8. Bodybuilding is just lost. Arnold is my all time favorite physique. His lifestyle inspired me to get in shape. On top of it, like you said, he made it a fun lifestyle. I love the workouts, but I still live as well. I eat my pancakes (my favorite food of all time), cook a lot (I love baking cakes, brownies, etc. because experimenting with baking and cooking is a hobby of mine), read at least a chapter of a book a day, play video games, do puzzles, watch and analyze movies/TV, watch fights and breakdowns of said fights, write 2-3 pages a day, teach full time, and hang out with friend and family on top of my six weekly training sessions (PS, sometimes I only get 4 or 5 in and that's okay too). I live a full life. Some people might prefer to play a ton of video games or have a glass of brandy and party once in a while. Do what makes you happy and build your body and build your life! Find what makes you happy and do that too. You like playing guitar. Do that. Bodybuilding is a part of life; it doesn't have to be your whole life. That's what's been missing. You need to live a life and train 🙂

    Enjoy both. PS, the mass monsters need to stop. Aesthetics have always been so much more important than mass. To combine both like in the golden era was truly impressive. Now… I'm not even sure what bodybuilding really is.

    For a while, I stopped watching your videos. This has to be my favorite video you've made yet. Keep it up greg

  9. Reading between the lines does make it appear as if a lot of pros are a little sour, not because they’re sour people though.

    Bodybuilding is incredibly tough on the mind and body, and because so many people don’t get it, socially it becomes tough too.

    I don’t think it helps that so many people discredit bodybuilding by saying things like “I don’t want to be too big” or “I could do that if I wanted, I just don’t have the time” either.

    Literally a million times it must have been said in the guy/girl/circle’s head whenever they hear it: “you could have all the time and desire in the world to be pro-standard bro, you ain’t getting there”.

    That’s gotta be the tipping point, and sadly until people just put some respect on the sport/art/science/hobby/lifestyle that we call bodybuilding, I don’t think it’s ever going to be a closed case.

    Unless you’re Middle Eastern, then you’re a goddamn idol, which is epic.

  10. if bodybuilding goes mainstream you cant have the open mens bodybuilding as the standard. We all know they abuse drugs and bodybuilding was never about the drugs.

  11. Just getting into bodybuilding i really enjoy it I can eat what I want without gaining a pound feel like I have a good base with a 47 inch chest and 16 inch arms at 5'10 can't wait to get bigger

  12. I love bodybuilding /lifting weights, but I am having a hard time thinking about how to earn money with it. I dont want to be on Stage and I dont like much customer contact since I am annoyed of people at some point and i dont want to repeat a meal plan or training plan 50 times a day….

    So I dont see a lot of perspective to earn money with it, that's why i study business informatics, and i like it also. But my passion is more on the lifting weights side :/ really bad to stand in between two different topics and one is good for earning money and the other is more yourcpassion but not well for earning money

  13. If u want to be the absolute best u have to put everything into the sport. U don’t get to go to parties and have “fun” every weekend. U don’t get to be normal and i don’t know why u would want to be anyway. Balance is just a term used by half-ass people with half-ass mindsets

  14. This reminds me of the animal ads with Frank McGrath. It definitely glorified being poor, spending it all on drugs and working hard to look ripped and huge. It glorified the "suffering"

  15. I don’t think it’s the body builders fault that bodybuilding isn’t mainstream. Al porting events are responsible for their promotion, their are fewer athletes who go out of their way to promote it, they just play. So the organizations hosting the competitions should make it more marketable and innovate the sport. Not the athletes fault

  16. Greg is spot on about BB not being normal , even with Greg's versatile diet and cook book he cant go out nightly on dates , he cant stop on the fly a have breakfast or lunch somewhere . Well let me re phrase , he cant do it and be happy lol . He will not be as full and the food is super calorie dense for little portions and typically higher in fat , with low protein. When he cooks his way it requires him to live a lifestyle more on his terms at home , just like a boring bodybuilder eater. Only change is his at home meals are more exciting and more filling . regardless if you take the body building life seriously you better find a significant other who is supportive and okay with most of the time eating at home with minimal dates lol this is a life style …and if you do eat out more that the average BB you're searching that menu for the best option for your physique goals , its not like you're eating the most delicious items on the menu lol

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