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  1. oh really? go ahead and cheat by using what ever shit you think is the next greatest thing to get you big, i dont mind.. your body is not mine. but i see people who use and they're wimps who have no true dedication and motivation.

  2. the last photo looks like kai greene in his amateur days.

    go to /watch?v=voddwuA6CHo pause at 3.00, kai greene as an amateur has the pretty much EXACT same body as this, except black. the chest, abs, lats, traps, shoulders, arms they all match!

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  4. you realize any weakling can step into a gym or an mma or boxing ring and be great at it I'm living proof I started in tae kwon do at 10 and took gold place 3 times in a row at nationals.. it took me four years to get there but i did it you're fucking ignorant

  5. If bodybuilders are "supposedly" on steroids then are strongman competitors also on steroids? No body gets on power lifters, but they are the same size as a bulking bodybuilder! Or are people just hating because their wife is bangin a bodybuilder! Just because you lack discipline to look that good doesn't mean you should disrespect their profession!

  6. of course dude. strongmen are def on roids. they dont use things like winny or masteron but you can bet they use test, anadrol, tren ect. mostly the shit that makes you really fuckin strong haha. all those strongmen would have decent physiques too if they cut all their fat.

  7. It's not disrespectful to state the truth. Anyone that size is taking steroids. If you don't believe that than you're a fucking moron. Same goes for power lifters, if they're that size than their juicing it up

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