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For more info on plant-based nutrition and the dangers of animal products, I highly recommend to check out:
Dr. Greger from
and Mic the Vegan


  1. Vegans are the most sickly and malnourished group I have ever seen outside of old pictures of Auschwitz victims. Just actually looking at the rapid physical degeneration of vegans themselves is evidence enough for anyone who hasn't been completely indoctrinated. For example:

    Bodybuilders are unhealthy because of all the drugs they take and mass quantities of shitty food they eat not because of steak – you are completely brainwashed. I've been strict carnivore for nearly 2 years and I feel the best I have ever felt in my entire life by a wide margin. Propaganda doesn't work on people with actual experience eating a meat-based diet. Good luck with those nutritional deficiencies though bud I'm sure the poster boy for vegan emaciation "Doctor" Greger will save you

  2. Hey Shaqx , its a really interesting topic . But im always conflicted . Humans evolved and survived since the start of times by hunting , a paleo diet , fats & protein . Without that , there wouldnt be any humans . It was also the most calorie dense nso they could survive the harsh enviroment and could get energy to make it true the day . Whats your view on this ?

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