Bodybuilding Supplements vs Creatine & Protein?? Don’t Take These Bodybuilding Supplements from MuscleTech.

What are your thoughts on MuscleTech Bodybuilding Supplements: Clear Muscle & Plasma Muscle??

Sleep, Consistency and Diet will produce far more gains than any supplement you take.

No extra benefit to taking muscle tech.

Few supplements that we recommend.

Muscle tech = waste of money.

If you have to spend money on supplements:
-Protein powder

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  1. Hi, love your podcast and I've found loads of your advice really helpful with training and life in general tbh. I have a question if you get a chance at some point:
    For building muscle mass and size, I often hear low (10-12) reps is best, as opposed to high reps (20/30/40/50 etc). My question is firstly what is your opinion on that and is it also the case with abs? I usually train at home doing bodyweight exercises (push ups, Russian twists etc) and these are generally high rep, mainly because I don't know any ways to make them hard enough to be low rep. Do you know any low rep chest or ab bodyweight exercises?

  2. I take John Killer protein only the day I workout and I workout 4 days a week, Am I taking to much protein? Also what do you guys think of John Killer protein product?

  3. To confirm what these three fellows are saying – anyone who wants to spend a ton of their hard earned money on supplements should go to a Federal prison and see how built those guys are. Prisoners have no money for supplements and fancy protein powders and shakes nor do they have the facilities to use them. Just three balanced meals per day and HARD workouts. DON'T BELIEVE THE MAGAZINES and the Pro Bodybuilders who endorse products. Their bodies are SATURATED with steroids. Those are not real muscles. Just check all the YouTube videos of pro wrestlers and bodybuilders who have gotten OFF the steroids and how they shrank down to normal, human size. Just USELESS AIR MUSCLES that may look good posing under the correct lighting. But, ask them to run 100 yards or long jump or do ANY athletic activity other than pushing iron.


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