As the Corona Virus spreads and events are getting cancelled all over the place I discuss my new plans for contest prep.
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  1. Unfortunately the theory that the virus will stop spreading in the summer months isn’t accurate as cases are exploding in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand where they already have high summer temperatures. This is not ‘the flu’.

  2. The light bulb is starting to flicker for the mouth breathers. Unfortunately these cretins are the ones that will spread the virus.

    The biggest concerns are food & the economy. Food supply chains are beginning to crack due to demand, lack of workforce & border crossings. UK imports over 40% of food from EU. All across EU the borders are jammed, goods cannot move with usual speed.

    As for the economy, I just don't know where to begin! Job losses will be in the 100s of thousands. Italy, whose banks already default, will not survive this. The ECB will have to bail them out, but the ECB is already under strain due to debts in Greece, Italy & Spain. With the UK leaving the EU, I just don't know how the EU will survive. The UK leaving is equivalent to 17 of the smaller nations leaving all at once. This is a disaster of epic proportions, the worst since WW2.

  3. It’s stupid uneducated idiots that made this 1000x worse than it should be. Coronavirus has only killed 100 people and there are 65M freaking people. Not only that, 100% of those dead are old age and have underlying conditions. Stupid idiots


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