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  1. i just joined gym …. and everyone is telling me to do 10-15 reps while increasing weight in each set….
    do we have to do 30 reps per set….. or is it just for pumping muscles….. ?… please guide.

  2. For those who quit and are afraid of the pain here's the truth. Deal with the pain. Next time u workout it wont hurt as much. Next time after that wont hurt as much. You eventually will reach a level of fitness where traning doesnt make as tired or hurt as much.
    Eventually so much diet traning and exercise and sleep causes men and woman's testosterone to shoot up and its almost like eating clean working out safe and sleepin 9hrs a day for example its almost equal to takin steroids. U never have to take steroids. Some people actually need to take testosterone but its recommended to get it from a doctor or pharmacist not from some store that u dont know it can have chemicals etc and it can poison you. But you neva have to take steroids. And good thing is you can take as much protein you want as long as you dont take too much protein per meal. And you can take as much vitamins and minerals you want if it helps your diet.
    I once hear eating lots of eggs is like takin steroids but without the harmful effects. Teas herbs etc. Theirs diets with every day food from your regular store that with right timing and eating and training can get you more muscular than some fool takin steroids and not dieting and not training right. And you will be the one whos healthier


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