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  1. Are you trying to tell us that you've never missed a workout or a meal in 15 years? That's straight up impossible and you know it. Anyone who follows you knows that lol.
    Still an awesome video, everything else you said was pure inspiration and truth.

  2. Currently 5 weeks out from my first ever mens physique show and I just want to say thank you for this Sadik.. the mind is such a powerful tool and this is the shit that gets me through the tough days! Mad respect brother

  3. I do have the time for workout no matter what I will work hard for I don’t have money for it I just save my money pocket money for protein even I can’t offer anything else I can take a trainer to train me but guess what I work my butt off for it this is my love the only thing that makes me happy on this world maybe one day I will make to the top maybe one day I could offer a trainer and a workout plan I don’t have any workout plan or any dieting plan but I still do it and I will make it

  4. People think the gym is just for meatheads and that it only helps you physically but man I swear it’s more helpful mentally if anything. Nothing feels better than leaving the gym after a crazy workout, once you get into a Routine your body and mind start to crave the gym


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