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Mark Petrie – Aurora (Extended Mix)
Mark Petrie – Uluru

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  1. Добрый вечер, я смотрю вы увлекаетесь таким замечательным спортом как Bodybuilding. Я создал свой канал, и монтирую видео на данную тему. Канал новый, и если хотите можете пожалуйста подписаться. Видео выкладывать буду не так часто, но время того стоит. Ведь нужны качественные и интересные видео, а на это уйдёт время. Буду благодарен за подпись.

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  3. Why are in BODYBUILDING video these girls? These girls obviously are not in bodybuilding business. Some kind of fitness. It´s like to do a video with male fitness models and put in some real female bodybuilders. It´s just my opinion, but fitness and bodybulding are different categories…different goals how to look like.

  4. That's not natural. Steroids in bodybuilding is like an open secret, and they try to hide it behind protein powder, creatine, and carefully portioned amounts of food. I've been lifting for 22 years, (since 1992) started when I was 12, and am lifting some of the same weights that these guys are lifting. But without synthetic hormones, you'll never achieve that look they they have. 

  5. HAHAH you guys are faggots. Go take some steroids and see if you can get as big as these guys.
    Do you think you're smart when you scream steroids? Do you think you're clever?
    Do you think anyone of these people give two fuck what some half-brained, fat sack of shit has to say over Youtube?!? No. 

  6. I feel like the worlds knocked me down, I feel like I'm at the utter bottom of where there is to be. I feel like I've failed one too many times. I can acknowledge that and begin to walk out of hell.

  7. It would be nice if these came without the cliched inspirational speech in the beginning. We're going to gym, not teaching black inner city kids to come together to beat the reigning champions of pretentiousville

  8. Hello I'm a 17 year old ectomorph trying to physically improve himself through resistance training, I post random progress videos, please subscribe and view my videos, feel free to like, dislike, comment, ect, thank you

  9. +SyrFon Wendt Yeah.. I agree with you, Totally!
    it provides me complete education
    about what I needed for my nutritional
    needs and also a detailed but succinct..
    It really did a great job on gaining my
    muscles.. 🙂

  10. Why does the video not show how they take stereoids and human growth hormones? To get so much muscles you must swallow every day 1-5 tablets. And every 3-5 days you must take 1 syringe.


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