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  1. I watch this before every weights session I do, every one. So, thanks for the vid, very motivating. "I'M A HUMAN BEING, GODDAMN IT . . . .MY LIFE HAS VALUE!!!!!"

  2. I watched this viideo at 2 am, I was like "goddammit my life has value" went to stick my head out the window and kept screaming top of my lungs, "I aaaamm mmmaaddd asss heeelll, I won't take this anymore", my neighbor called the police cause he was mad as hell too and could not take it anymore.

  3. Wow, I found it. I used to see this everyday when I was 19yrs old and this one video motivated me to hit the gym. I'm 23 yrs old now with a lot more gainz. Thanks for making this video!

  4. my heart is broken at the moment and all i do the whole freakin day is watching youtube videos and reading comments, but this one helped to get my ass up to the gym today


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