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Track: Steve Jablonsky – Arrival To Earth


  1. If these guys didn't take roids they would still have great physiques, just smaller, most people who take roids don't look this, I love bodybuilding but I don't love the direction it has gone, the sport is projecting a ideal of that can't be reached naturally.

  2. People are so stupid. This physique IS achievable naturally. Could it take more years of training than some of these guys have even been alive? Maybe, but that doesn't mean it isn't fucking possible. You have to eat a shit ton to get your size up, and you have to shock the fuck out of the muscle. You can't just go in and hit bench twice a week and expect to have a shredded fucking chest. You can't just do some dumbbell shoulder presses and expect your shoulders to be perfect all the way around. You have to train right, and you have to train like a fucking psycho at the same time. Nothing is impossible, people are just tricking themselves into thinking it is. Stop being a pussy and go get the shit man. I haven't even been working out for a year yet, and I know that at that 10-year mark, I'm going to be a fucking monster. Why? Because I want to be. That's all it takes. You gotta want it man.

  3. people, who think bodybuilders are all about steroids, grow up and try go to the gym 5-6 days a week yourself, eat healthy food, lift heavy, and do what is right for your body, you WILL see that if maybe not in a year, but years, you will get a good looking body as well, for some it takes more years than others, but I can guarantee yopu lifting heavy aint something that just comes with steroids, its achievable by working HARD, like winning football matches is achievable by working hard, just like running 100m sprint, and set a record, is achievable, by working HARD! start working hard instead of spreading shit about those who do.

  4. its pathetic, the whole thing, the concept, the idea, the determination, the ignorance, everything thhis video represents is pathetic. How can they promote bodybuilding if they all juice to get were they are, how is that motivation. It is a contest of seeing who is the one that can put more steroids in their blood. How about hard work, how about training for years and years non stop. Not just training hard when they are on the juice. They took the shortcut, that real athletes dont take to fufill their dreams. And yes, I know the hard work it takes, but it is not something to be proud of, because the concept of all the hard work is wrong from the begining. No respect for Jay cutler. 

  5. For people who are commenting about the use of Steroids is cheating and isnt considered as a form of training:
    steroids isn't cheating, its even more commitment, you should probably do more research before commenting bullshit like this mate, plus they are regularly checked from doctors through various tests and medications for the steroids they take to be more safe. This is hard work, they cut out all other aspects of their life and put every factor of commitment into their body compostion from stopping going out for a night out or force eating, As they say live like a lamb for 70 years or live like a lion for 30 years.

  6. Why does the video not show how they take stereoids and human growth hormones? To get so much muscles you must swallow every day 1-5 tablets. And every 3-5 days you must take 1 syringe.
    And then you get shrinked testicles but no hard one anymore.


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