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Steve Jobs (Speech), Kim Kold, Jay Cutler, Antoine Vaillant, Tony Searle, Hidetada Yamagishi, Kevin La Grutta, Kris Gethin, Shawn Ray (Speech), Phil Heath, James “Flex” Lewis, Kai Greene, Jimmy McBride, Ronnie Coleman, Jose Raymond, Peter McGough (Speech), Mitch Gosling, Curtis Martin (Speech), Dusty Hanshaw, Ben Pakulski, Branch Warren, Mark Dugdale (Speech), Guy Cisternino, Nina Eckert, Tanja Rink, Zsuzsanna Toldi, Nicole Wilkins, Nathalia Melo, Jay Cutler (Speech), Dennis Wolf, Frederic Höfer, Josh Halladay, Dexter Jackson, Steve Kuclo, Dennis James, Milko Mateev, Mike Kefalianos, Shawn Rhoden, Vinny Que, Bradley Rowe, Alexey Lesukov, Markus Hoppe, Mahmoud Al Durrah, Roelly Winklaar

Song: The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (The Glitch Mob Remix)


  1. I've been getting into weight lifting recently, when I used to lift I was eating light meals, and dieting, because I was stupid, eventually I lost the will to keep working out due to the fact I wasn't gaining, I watched a few work out vids and a lot of them made it clear lots of food, lots of protein, that changed the whole story

  2. I know super models who go days without eating just to look, bodybuilder eat a lot and work hard to maintain their physique but people always think it's steroid,and so what if it is?

  3. YAAAA I CAN BECOME ANYTHING I WANT…… With a little performance enhancing drugs Ofcourse I like how at one point in the video they hinted at using steroids and shit I honestly thought they would of left that out of the one place it didn't really need to be….. A FUCKING MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO

  4. Good job and keep it up, stay away from the drugs. i have been bodybuilding for the past 30 plus years, also i have competed natural bodybuilding in the past. Luckily i never took any drugs to get big but regardless (use steroid or not) you have to give these guys credit for what they do. People don't just get muscular by sitting on their couch and bitching at others who are fake or not. If you are one of those who lift weights regularly you know how hard is to stay fit. I am not just talking about training, what i am talking about is diet. I would dare anyone how hard it is to eat the same food every day (for 1 month, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or 30 years like me). Since i have been working out for so long, to me working out is nothing compared to dieting. I ate more eggs than chicken laid eggs. i ate more banana than the monkey. To give you an example, i can say for the past 20 plus years I never once skipped eating banana and eggs for breakfast, tuna and chicken for lunch and dinner (just to prepare and eat 4 to 5 meals day). It doesn't matter how you prepare the food, if you eat the same type of food every day for more than a month it will become tasteless. It's a shame that i no longer have a taste for egg, banana, chicken, tuna but i eat them for health reason. For those who just started working out, to give you an idea, there is no way, again no way for anyone to gain 10 lbs of pure muscle in a year, not even 5 lbs a pure muscle without steroids. I gained 20 lbs of pure muscle in 30 years of life time working out 2 hrs a day and 5 times week. I even workout on my vacation or business trips. If i combined all the sweat and put it into the pool, I could fill the Olympic size swimming pool (no pain no gain!). So you must keep working hard, eat healthy and if and all possible stay away from those harsh drugs. Please remember, you only have one body and you must take care of your body the best you can. Remember this, those who take steroids, they feel deep down in their heart, they are not worthy of man and to all those weekend warriors stop criticizing others.

  5. What hanging out in a gym all the time , eating bland diets , supplement/ steroids and heart problems in your 50's and early death ? No thanks, better things to do

  6. I am working out now with some bodybuidler that is comepting. Man, belive me 95% of people cant endure that intesity and pain. Man, i want to quit after every rep. I used excessive weights not strict form. Most of you guys do the same, because i thought i know how to train. Maybe they are using AS but they work so hard. Normal people cannot do that. You have to have mentality.

  7. I am going to drop my transformation video next year and having up downs in my life its hard and where I stay they think there's no scope in what I do they make fun of me I'm gonna SHOW THEM it takes time dedication and sacrifice.

  8. These dudes around are way too salty man im a natural athlete I wouldn‘t even call me a bodybuilder and this Shit still motivates me it’s about fighting for your personal goal not about roids genetics or comparing your muscles to those guys

  9. The whole motivation makes, applicable to all sorts of goals. However, bodybuilders are some of the most unhealthiest people, the sport is also unhealthy longterm. I lived it.


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