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Music: Nightcall – Hymn



  1. this account helps keep me going, lately i've been struggling with some outside forces. this channel is helping me stay focused on my journey. id just like to say thank you so much. keep doing this man. you're helping people.

  2. god help me,jericho help me with your videos,i need you.
    i was find with hepatits and i have lost 25 kg of gains i cant eat,have a lot of liver pain…but i will come back i'm IRON

  3. This is the best video on youtube, whenever I come home from work and I am tired and exhausted and im thinking about lying down, eating something and watching some movie saying, maybe I can do abs at home today and hit the heavy weights tomorrow…..then I play this video on fullscreen and max volume…around 2:23 i am already scooping my pre workout and preparing protein shakes with BCAA, creatine etc. and packing clothes to the gym! It literally lifts your ass up and pushes you to do what needs to be done with NO EXCUSES! 🙂 Love it!

  4. I listen to this quite often,this video and speech hit home from losing my kids mom to beIN a single father to trying to drink my sorrows away like a coward,then using it as a fire to hit the gym with an unleashed intensity that I'm unable to describe,we all have our reasons,To all my brothers and sisters in iron keep that fire!!!!Much love to you all,when we loose our way in life and the light disappears keep going keep pushing on!!!!You will see it in the distance, keep moving towards it till you yourself become that light that shines for others!!!!!!!

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