Hi friends,
We welcome you all to the world of BodyBuilding. We are three guys from kerala started bodybuilding for almost three months. Here in this video we’ll show you our body transformation day by day exercise. Here there is only four day – four muscle group workout we did the last days.

Day 1. Chest – 3 sets of flat bench press, 3 sets of dumbbell flies, 3 sets on machine.

Day 2. Biceps – 3 sets of seated inclined dumbbell curls, 3 sets of dumbbell preacher curls, 3 sets of hammer curls and 2 sets on pumping machine.

Day 3. Back – 3 sets of pull down, 3 sets of Rowing machine and 3 sets of single arm dumbbell rowing.

Day 4. Shoulder – 3 sets of front barbell press, 3 sets of dumbbell latraise and 3 sets of Dumbbell shrug.

We used to train at M-Life Fitness Studio at kerala, Calicut – poovattuparamba. we’ll be uploading our training routine daily. if any guys intrested in starting bodybuilding and need any help we’ll provide you some best tips and tricks to get your body improve more and more faster. please feel free to ask or reply on comment box.

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