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  1. when trying to be considered as a real body builder I am in for the hard work. but I need some tips. if I do like the upper part of my body one day and lower part the next day. but what's the time limit if u workout everyday please. I am so serious just need advice. please get back to me when u can with a reply thank u

  2. You know… I'm constantly pissed off living in this damn house. I'm grateful yes but when your getting older you realize your wasting time. I tell you what I'm gaining mass and I'm trying to get up there. I'll do this for me, I quit everything, tried being social, tried martial arts, I just sit and wait. I wanna get buff and see my max. You'll see.

  3. just keep going..
    just listen to yourself..
    nobody but yourself..
    You criticize your own physique. you judge your own body because you are the only one that is capable of seeing it and changing it and that is why, just focus about yourself and not about what other people say to you in any manner. Whether it be in social media or real life. Just keep going and going and going. Do not ever stop chasing your goals. Life is going to be hard. Your friends might turn their back on you, your relatives or even family. But guess what, fuck every single hater. All you have to do is JUST ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOURSELF.

  4. This is the only bodybuilding vid that i remember because it motivated me so much for about 3 fkn years. When ever i hear this it just motivates me to move forward.

    Thanks for putting that up


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