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Mark Petrie – Abeyance


  1. Hello I'm a 17 year old ectomorph trying to physically improve himself through resistance training, I post random progress videos, please subscribe and view my videos, feel free to like, dislike, comment, ect, thank you

  2. go to gym eat sleep . go to gym eat and sleep, over and over again to miss how system exploits you to batten and batten again. It is just another way to stupefy youth and blunt its consciousness also to make a fortune with supplement industry as a by-product . what a pity…

  3. I dropped 135 pounds on between my lower chest and upper abs while doing close grip bench press. Now should I stop going to the gym for few days or just ignore it. Any suggestion, advice

  4.    Due to recent occasion, I again point out,  that independent sports medicine urgently advised not to exercise excessive bodybuilding. Unnatural muscle formation damage the health irreparably. Furthermore originate mostly found main reasons for excessive muscle formation of a strong morbid personality disorder. There is a sufficient supply of healthy sport – activities, so that there is no rational reason to train bodybuilding. Bodybuilding serves exclusively to satisfy morbid, primitive needs and to satisfy the greed for profit of many suppliers of goods and bodybuilding events.

  5. i seriously fail to see how having big muscles makes u a ledgend, how is having large muscles leaving a legacy in any way shape or form, its not like this is a boxing motivation video or any kind of sport its literally just about having big muscles which is meaningless and unhealthy.

  6. If you set your mind to your goal. Trust me you will achieve it. I have been working out for about a year and I have seen great results. Soon I will upload my body transformation video for you to see it.

  7. I’ve often said a man’s character is not judged after he celebrates a victory, but by what he does when his back is against the wall. So no matter how great the setback, how severe the failure, you never give up.

    You never give up, you pick yourself up, you brush yourself off, you get up and move on and overcome and that is what I believe!

  8. Most women regard these men as ugly.
    And naturally the women know that these guys take drugs.
    Women don´t wont lovers who take drugs.
    And what ist the point of so many muscles?
    Your heart has to work much more to pump blood into muscles which partly are useless.
    The aim of this films: to make you buy drugs.

  9. This guys are pumped up with drugs.
    They are impotent and ugly. They have spent much money and still more time. They can't go back and restart. Many of them will die of cancer connected with the intaken drugs. Poor devils.

  10. When i saw zyzz in the beginning I pressed pause, Zyzz has nothing to do with real motivating bodybuilding. just a party kid wich injected more than just steroids and HGH

  11. Remember if you are not fit inside (heart,liver,kidneys, ) then the outside is just physical hypocrisy as good as zyzz's body looked he was still sick and unhealthy get your inside and outside in shape makes no sense look like a Greek God and die like a Greek pig, that is what he showed me


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