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Song: Professor Green Feat. Example – Monster (Camo & Krooked Remix)


  1. great vid!
    always nice to have some motivation before workout!!!
    i did a motivational video with clips of me and my friends training.
    i would be very happy, if you would check it on my channel 🙂

  2. Hey, Nowadays it's hard to get noticed on youtube so it would be great if you check out my motivational videos on my channel. I'' ll upload one every week. I appreciate very much. Thanks!

  3. This is my top favorite motivational video I used always listen to it to keep me in the zone.

    But after my son passed away in Jan 2016 I really fell off and gained a lot of weight back .

    I still have my daughter and I know that I'm still blessed and tomorrow I will hit the gym hard in honor of my son I love you boy!!

  4. Here's my spiel. Exercising is great for emotional, mental and physical health. It also prevents you from injury. But when it comes to bodybuilding trying to look like those mr. olympia's, it seems like a waste of time unless you make a career out of it. You could go to the gym every day, eat 6 times a day, and it consumes your life. But in our modern society, what's all that muscle useful for when you really don't need to it for hardly any heavy lifting. My personal opinion is eat a balanced diet and be fit and actually enjoy other things that life offers. Don't waste your life away looking in the mirror and admiring your body that you will never use for any other place than in the gym.


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